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    Weller Iron and Pencil Stands at Kimco

    Hobbyists and electrical enthusiasts rely on their soldering irons, tips, and other accessories for attaching electrical components to circuit boards, motherboards, and even solar panels. Soldering is more than just an activity that is done in large industrial assembly plants. Many people, in their DIY spirit, take on soldering for their hobbies and appliance repairs. For this reason, Kimco is proud to carry a large line of Weller iron and pencil stands at affordable prices. A solder iron and pencil stand is an important part of any soldering station. This is the place where you would set the solder iron when not in actual use. It can still be on, and heated to a very high temperature, but it will not be a danger as it is in the holder. The Weller iron and pencil stands are constructed with a durable antistatic finish that will ensure safety against any electrostatic discharge. They also come with a place to hold up to four different tips and can be adjusted to four different angles ranging from 30 degrees to 80. Many of the iron and pencil stands at Kimco also have a sponge built in to get rid of any flax buildup. While doing precise soldering this is an important process for a clean, debris free connection. The Kimco catalog boasts several different Weller products, including different choices for solder iron and pencil holders. Check out these products today and choose the one which fits your needs and situation. You will also find several other Weller soldering accessories at great prices.
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