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    Complete Delicate Soldering Projects with Weller Tweezer Tips

    There are plenty of instances where a soldering project requires the use of Weller tweezer tips. Kimco carries a great line of these tweezer tips so you can do even the most delicate of projects with ease and confidence. Tweezer tips are mostly used in both commercial applications, as well as in a hobby setting, for soldering and desoldering small surface-mount components with two terminals, such as some links, resistors, capacitors, and diodes. As with any other soldering iron, or pencil, they can be either free-standing or controlled from a soldering station. The tweezers have two heated tips mounted on arms whose separation can be manually varied by squeezing gently against spring force, like simple tweezers; the tips are applied to the two ends of the component. The main purpose of the soldering tweezers is to melt solder in the correct place. Tweezers for soldering should not be confused with those that are used for picking up, or holding, small items. Weller tweezer tips can be found in either a cartridge or as a replacement part. They all carry the Weller name and the innovative designs and ESD-safe ratings. Each Weller tweezer tip compliments several soldering irons and are thermal shielded for comfort while holding them. Kimco carries a great line of Weller products, including several tweezer tips in different sizes. Check out the online catalog today for all your soldering needs from tweezer tips to irons and complete soldering stations. All are at affordable prices and backed by our quick shipping policy.
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