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    Tech Wear: Superior Quality ESD Safe Apparels for Workplaces

    Antistatic clothing is an important part of electronic manufacturing and engineering companies, including health environments, labs, and work areas involving precision engineering. If your clothes are manufactured from synthetic fibers, they can generate a high amount of static charge. Thus, causing potential damage. 

    When working with ESD-sensitive equipment, you can always rely on ESD-safe clothes – lab coats and jackets to prevent damage to sensitive electronic components that are being assembled or packaged within a protected area. These can shield the insulative clothing and minimize the electric fields generated.

    Tech Wear respects your uncompromising sense of integrity and duty and produces superior-quality, ESD-safe jackets, and lab coats. These have antistatic properties that protect the user and the surrounding items from ESD contact.

    How To Choose the Best ESD-Safe Clothing?

    To meet your workspace requirements and protect users from any kind of ESD-generated risks, you need to get your hands on the best ESD-safe products. Here are the characteristics you should look for:

    • Antistatic property, to decrease the generation of electrostatic charges.
    • Dissipative to remove charges to the ground when grounded.
    • Shielding that creates a Faraday Cage effect, restricting charges generated on the user’s clothing to the inside of the ESD lab coat and jacket.
    • Ground-able so the users can easily and reliably connect themselves to the ground.
    • Lightweight, comfortable, and practical design for the users.
    White color tech wear

    Here is a list of products you can shop from Tech Wear to meet your industrial needs-

    1. ESD-Safe Jackets

    ESD-safe jackets or smocks offer protection from electrostatic fields generated by clothing on the user’s body. These can be worn where ever static damage is a concern and are a recommended addition if you work in an ESD-sensitive environment.

    Tech Wear designs superior quality ESD-safe jackets that create a “Faraday Cage” effect around the body of the operator. Thus, shielding charges are generated from the operator’s clothing, protecting ESD-sensitive devices and users from the damage. These come with a lapel collar, are grounded by the cord connected conveniently at the waist, and meet the normal FR requirements.

    Blue color ESD-Safe Jackets

    The list of products you can shop from include:

    2. Polo Shirts

    Providing your workers with adequate levels of protection is evidently important. And ESD polo shirts could be the perfect way to ensure users aren’t putting themselves at risk of injury when they come into work. These can help in providing some levels of protection from the transfer of static charges to electronic devices. Thus, aiding the prevention of static-related damage to your product.

    Anti-static polo shirts from Tech Wear have electrical qualities to protect your workers from the dangers of electrostatic discharge. These can be used both in ESD-protected areas and in standard workplaces to avoid static-related injury.

    Polo Shirts from Tech wear

    You can shop from the following list of products:

    3. ESD-Safe Lab Coats

    The easy-to-wear lab coats, act as an insulator over the operator’s body. These are constructed of a dissipative material that incorporates texturized polyester and carbon nylon fibers, woven in a chain-link design throughout the material, providing continuous and consistent charge dissipation.

    Tech Wear designs top-in-class, safe-to-use ESD-safe lab coats that are ideal for use in ESD-sensitive environments. These are specifically made for comfort and to prevent anti-static charge build-up.

    ESD-Safe Lab Coats

    Getting The Right ESD-Safe Garment for Your Workplace!

    Tech Wear manufactures best-in-class ESD-safe lab coats, shirts, jackets, and smocks to give the workers the safety they deserve. ESD protection clothing is essential to prevent the build-up of static charge in electronic items and to reduce the risk of damage to ESD-sensitive devices. You can shop from a wide range of available products to keep your work area and workers safe from any damage. 

    Also, check out other ESD-safe products from – GoKimco!
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