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    Waldmann Lighting: Delivering The Benefits of Best Lighting Solutions

    Whether in industrial, office, or any other workplace settings, proper lighting makes all tasks easier. Appropriate lighting, without glare or shadows, helps in reducing eye fatigue and headaches and can also prevent workplace incidents. It increases the visibility of moving machinery and other safety hazards.

    Good lighting allows users to read work instructions, product details, safety data, and hazard warning signs and labels to ensure compliance with safety protocols. There are many ways to improve your workplace lighting and the best one of them is to have proper lighting products.

    Since 1928, Waldmann Lighting has been developing and producing professional lighting for applications in the industrial, architectural, and medical fields. The company has a unique wealth of experience and expertise at its disposal when it comes to light and holds a strong ​​​​​​​sense of responsibility towards the environment. The products are completely reliable and deliver technical perfection and innovation to meet your lighting needs.

    Following is a list of products you can shop from Waldmann Lightning to get good brightness at your work area.

    1. Circline Fluorescent Bulb

    Circline fluorescent bulbs are quite adaptable light bulbs and can be used in various situations. These are designed to offer you a couple of different shades of light to choose from, with the most common being warm white, cool white, and daylight. These provide a higher number of watts than other bulbs out there on the market and have significantly greater efficiency and longer life.

    Circline Fluorescent Bulb

    You can shop from the following products available:

    2. Omnivue 3-Diopter Magnifier

    The LED Omnivue magnifier by Waldmann Lighting was designed for the most precise viewing and positioning. It features a distinctive, fully rotational 3-diopter magnifier lens for wide area magnification and precise positioning. 

    The three 3.5-watt LED modules in the magnifier provide two light levels: using either two side sections or all three for glare-free lighting. Omnivue's fully pivoting, large stadium lens provides outstanding sharpness and clarity. It serves industrial applications and can be permanently installed or used as a portable table clamp.

    Omnivue 3-Diopter Magnifier

    The list of products include:

    3. Industrial Task Light 

    Task lighting is essential in software or hi-tech industries, or any other industry where tasks can cause eye strain, or even if a person has to work for long hours. Focused industrial task lighting is a crucial part of an ergonomic workstation as it relieves eye strain. 

    The Industrial Task Light from Waldmann provides broad, ambient lighting in work areas. The built-in parabolic louver directs the light precisely to the work areas and eliminates glare. This multi-functional task light features a 36-watt compact fluorescent lamp that provides even illumination with maximum light output and excellent color rendering. 

    Industrial Task Light

    4. ESD Safe Omnivue Max 3-Diopter Magnifier

    Designed and engineered for working in electrostatic safe areas, ESD-Safe Omnivue Max 3-Diopter Magnifier guarantees 100% ESD compliance and is specially selected for its strength, performance, and reliability in demanding environments.

    Waldmann Lighting designs best-in-class, reliable, and cost-friendly ESD-safe magnifiers to fit your workplace requirements while providing optimal viewing and positioning.

    ESD Safe Omnivue Max 3-Diopter Magnifier

    Here is a list of ESD-safe magnifiers you can shop from:

    Lighting Ergonomics – Waldmann Lighting to Light The Workplace 

    A good quality light saves energy and ensures added value in terms of productivity, safety, and health of workers. With the advanced engineering technology being the basis of Waldmann Lighting, the company focuses on producing the best lights for every application/purpose. You can get all the products at a cost-effective range with excellent reliability.

    Check out other lighting products to light up your work area while eliminating the risks and trouble from – GoKimco!


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