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    Xcelite: Precision Handtools That Set Standards

    “It’s not just about the type of hand tools you use, it’s the quality that matters most!”

    Hand tools are quite essential for day-to-day jobs. They are available in different types and can be used for any kind of work. Some tools are versatile, and some of them are used to carry out specific tasks. However, it’s the right tool that gives maximum productivity while maintaining the user’s safety!

    Xcelite® has been making individual hand tools and tools kits for professionals to accomplish work goals for more than 90 years. The brand is geared towards the electronics service industry and aims at developing the most reliable, specialized electronic tools for all its customers.

    The collection includes – Xcelite nut drivers, cutters, screwdrivers with ergonomic handles, portable screwdriver kits with interchangeable blades, individual Xcelite blades, and other useful accessories to serve various industrial purposes. The simple precise side cutters, sharp blades, and other robust tools are popular among skilled tradesmen.

    Here are some top-notch product supplies from Xcelite’s extensive collection.

    1. Micro Shear Cutters

    The micro shear cutters are perfect for detailed cutting, to cut wire, mono and braid knots, and the ends of zip-ties to give them a cleaner look. This lightweight tool features high carbon steel construction.

    General-purpose Micro Shear Cutters from Xcelite cut soft copper lead wires with half of the normal effort while greatly reducing the mechanical shock delivered to the work. Unlike conventional cutting tools, Micro-shears utilize a shearing cut with the by-pass cutting edges slicing cleanly through the metal.

    Micro Shear Cutters

    Here are some of the variants to shop from:

    2. ESD-Safe Electronic Screwdrivers 

    Faster than all the hand tools, ESD-safe electric screwdrivers are the smart choice for high-volume manufacturers who want to increase productivity. These are designed to meet special manufacturing needs, such as ESD prevention or cleanroom requirements. The idea is to remove any electrostatic charge from the tool and its handle, which could possibly otherwise cause ESD damage. 

    ESD-Safe Electronic Screwdrivers from Xcelite protect sensitive components and help to perform the tasks precisely and with comfort. These are ergonomically designed, allowing sustained high torque and provide superior strength.

    ESD-Safe Electronic Screwdrivers

    Choose from the best quality electric screwdriver collections at  Xcelite

    3. Pliers

     Pliers are one of the most used hand tools. Some of these are used for gripping an object, some are used for twisting wires, and others for a combination of tasks including cutting wire.

    Xcelite designs top-quality Pliers to handle various applications with ease. You can put them to work at loosening or tightening bolts, holding objects for stabilization, or removing pins, etc. These are extremely reliable and come at pocket-friendly prices.

    The different types of pliers available, based on their uses are:

    • Longnose pliers for fine point precision work and pick-up and wire forming.
    • Needle nose pliers for outlet wiring, computer repair work, crafting, and cutting wires.
    • Flat nose pliers for holding and forming wire and small parts.
    • Curved long nose pliers for reaching between closely spaced components.

    Pliers from Xcelite

    While you can get by with all-purpose pliers, there are other variants of the tool that cater to a specific task:

    4. Screwdrivers 

    Screwdrivers are the most effective tools for easily installing and removing the screws. These can be manual or electric, but either way, their goal is the same. The only difference is – manual screwdrivers work on the force applied by the worker, and electric screwdrivers fetch energy from the electrical source.

    Xcelite focuses on manufacturing first-rate screwdrivers that serve their purpose well and also provide protection to the user. They have a shank made of tough steel, and the tip is hardened to minimize wear.

    Screwdrivers from Xcelite

    Here is a list of screwdrivers you can get from Xcelite:

    Get The Best Hand tools for Industry, Craft, and Home Purpose 

    Hand tools are used in almost every type of industrial or construction industry for art and craft purposes and to carry on various household applications. However, getting your hands on the right tool is the foremost priority.

    Xcelite offers a variety of hand tools mentioned above. Also, they provide including – toolsets, wrenches, nut driver kits, and more to improve operational efficiency. With a focus on precision, you can improve quality and significantly enhance user safety with these tools.

    Also, check out other hand tools and industrial equipment from GoKimco and get the work done with comfort and ease!


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