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    Xuron – Delivering An Assortment of High-Quality Shears and Other Hand Tools

    Ergonomics is often described as matching physical, psychological, physiological, and biomechanical human capabilities to the demands of a specific task. Well, this is only possible with the right tools in hand! 

    If there is a mismatch in some of these requirements, the results could be harmful. While, if all the tools perfectly fit your needs, they can boost your industrial productivity.

    Xuron Corporation is a reliable manufacturer of numerous industrial products since 1972. The company has a hand in creating products for industries such as jewelry, aerospace, hobbies and crafts, and plastics molding.

    In the realm of hand tools, Xuron is in the top tier of manufacturers that produces products that balance your workload and productivity to deliver desired results. The company is a leading innovator in cutting technology, manufacturing the popular micro-shear blade preferred by countless hand tool users worldwide.

    Here are some hand tools varieties you can shop from Xuron Corp.:

    1. Micro Shear Flush Cutters

    Traditional wire cutters meet edge to edge and perform cutting by squeezing the wire. While Micro-Shear Flush cutters are cut by shearing, similar to a scissor action. Their bypass blades have increased longevity and do not contact and wear at each other, therefore the blades stay sharp longer.

    Xuron Micro-Shear Flush cutters provide accurate cutting with less effort. These are tough enough to use on harnesses and cables, and precise enough to cut material less than 1 mil thick.

    Micro Shear Flush Cutters

    Here are some of the variants to shop from:

    2. Micro Pneumatic Flush Cutter 

    Pneumatic flush cutters use air power to cut objects to a specified size. The cutters are very powerful and allow faster loading and unloading of workpieces. However, operating the pneumatic cutter without safety shields in place is very dangerous and should be avoided.

    The Xuron 590 Micro-Pneumatic series are all sized to fit readily in the operator's hand. It alleviates the fatigue and related CTDs associated with conventional wire cutter use. These are designed to fit readily in the operator’s hand. It comes with excellent maneuverability and results in ultra-clean cutting.

    Micro Pneumatic Flush Cutter

    3. Jaw Pliers

    Pliers are really a very basic tool and can help you accomplish many things when it comes to building and repair work. These serve various wire-forming operations, reducing both time and effort.

    You can shop a range of pliers depending upon the application/purpose:

    Jaw Pliers

    4. Solder Remover Masks 

    Solder masks play an imperative role during PCB assembly. These are made to prevent accidental solder bridging during assembly and eliminate the amount of rework for removing shorts. They come with exceptional cohesive properties and will not lift or separate during soldering.

    The solder masks from Xuron Corp are high-quality, latex, temporary solder suitable for both manual and automatic dispensing. It is exceptionally cohesive, generally peels off in one piece (without creating a mess), and can be disposed of with other common solid wastes.

    Here are the solder remover masks you can get your hands on:

    Solder Remover Masks

    5. Dispensing Bottles 

    The scientific laboratory equipment – Dispensing Bottles, is a simple liquid handling tool used to dispense defined liquid volumes into vessels. It can be used for various purposes such as performance safety, speed, and reliability and also helps to save time and extra work. The characteristics of dispensing bottles from Xuron include:

    1. Handling special chemicals without spillage
    2. Increased accuracy and precise measurement
    3. Minimum wastage of substances

    You can purchase premium quality dispensing bottles from Xuron:

    Dispensing Bottles from Xuron

    Serve Your Workplace With The Best In Class Hand Tools

    Xuron Corp is one of the World's leading manufacturers of electronics-grade, ergonomics, and reliable hand tools. The company aims at developing the highest standard and good quality products that result in clean cutting with no requirement of post-cut cleanup. Along with a selection of micro-shear flush-cutters, you can also get a variety of pliers, scissors, and specialty products for consumer applications.

    To get the most out of your applications and deliver excellent results in your industry, choose from the available list of products at GoKimco!
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