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    8 Ultimate Anti-Static Floor Finishes & Floor Cleaning Solutions From ACL Staticide

    Are you looking for the perfect solution to clean your ESD flooring?

    ESD floor maintenance is a concern for every workplace. Slight dirt on the ESD floor can act as an insulator causing potential disruption in productivity and safety. So, regular maintenance and cleaning are necessary to ensure safety. 

    Cleaners for ESD flooring should be selected by analyzing the nature of flooring and potential risks associated with it. With more than 50 years of experience in providing quality cleaners, the ACL Staticide stands as a unicorn in delivering cleaning and static control products to diverse industries such as automotive, medical devices, avionics, plastics, and telecommunications. 

    Some of the high-quality Anti-Static Floor Finishes and ESD Floor Products from ACL Staticide include:

    1. General Purpose Cleaner

    General-purpose cleaners from ACL Staticide protect sensitive electronic devices and sub-assemblies during shipping and manufacturing by eliminating static charge. ACL Staticide ESD-Safe Neutralizer Floor cleaner is one of the highly concentrated biodegradable, anti-static cleaner varieties that can be used in all critical environments to facilitate static control and safety. 

    Non-toxic and non-flammable general-purpose cleaners are best for industrial, institutional, and commercial purposes. Moreover, when applied on floor surfaces, it inhibits charges on all surfaces and flushes out contaminants, dirt, and bacteria from ESD floors. 

    General-Purpose Cleaner from ACL Staticide

    Here are some of the general-purpose cleaners from ACL:

    2. ESD Safe Mat & Table Top Cleaner

    Flux residues, oily fingermarks, grease, nicotine, dirt, grime are common inorganic contaminants. But we cannot use any common cleaner to wipe the mat and tabletop where you keep your electronic equipment or critical devices. When it comes to ESD workplace mat & tabletop, workers need multi-purpose neutral cleaners that are specifically suitable for production areas. The ACL Staticide mat & tabletops cleaners clean, rejuvenate and maintain the original resistivity of mats and tabletops by future proofing critical environment and equipment.     

    3. ESD Safe Wipes

    ESD wipes are an integral safety cleaning product that negates any electric charge by providing a one-step neutral wipe. The ACL Staticide ESD wipes are the ideal solution to control dust buildup and dust attraction. It can be used on electronic devices and large industrial machinery. Moreover, these wipes are produced through the hydroentanglement process, which makes them free of chemical binders.

    The presaturated IPA cleaning wipes are one of the "On The Go" cleaning wipes that are best suited on plastic, metals, and remote service boxes. The blend of polyester and cellulose provides a strong solvent-resistant low-linting material that makes them an effective choice for cleaning printed circuit boards, hardline coax cables, and fiber optic cable splices. 

    Lint free wipe from ACL Staticide

    Some of the high-quality ESD wipes from ACL Staticide are:

    4. Electronic Cleaner Degreaser

    The non-residual ACL Staticide electronic cleaner degreasers are one step precision cleaning solution safe for most plastics. They clean oils and hydraulic fluids from mechanical assemblies. The ACL Staticide, when applied on plastic surfaces, evaporates quickly and penetrates deeply to reach harder areas.     

    5. ESD Safe Floor Finish & Paints

    Physical longevity, electrical properties, and gross ACL ESD safe floor finish are what make them unique. They keep your floor shiny and protected for at least 12-24 months. It can be applied anywhere (rubber, vinyl, composition tile, and sheet goods, cement, wood, and epoxy coated floors) where you want to control static energy.    

    ESD safe floor finish from ACL Staticide

    Let's take a look at a top-notch ESD safe floor finish from ACL Staticide are:

    ESD safe floor paints are also best suited for concrete floors, where you need to protect temporary ESD workspaces like data centers, warehouses, and Faraday cages.   

    6. ESD Safe Solder Mask 

    The peelable ESD-safe masks are designed for providing temporary protection to component-free areas on PCBs during soldering and on components during conformal coating processes. The non-corrosive RoHS masks work well in metals and dry fast. Moreover, they are compatible with all cleaners and flux types.   

    7. ESD Safe Flux Removers

    The ACL Staticide ESD safe flux removers are the best solvent for removing silicon-based substrates. They are residue-free and clean of all types of no-clean flux and pastes, oxide particles, carbon, organic residues, adhesives, silicone-based conformal coatings, and greases. The non-corrosive property makes them ideal for cleaning through BGA (Build Grid Array) and circuit boards. 

    Flux removers from ACL Staticide

    Some of the high-quality flux removers from ACL Staticide include:

    8. Turbo Blast Duster

    The highly economical and high precision turbo blast duster gives the biggest jet action to quickly remove dirt, dust, oxide particles, and other airborne particles from even the most inaccessible areas. The ultra-pure and ozone-safe turbo blast dusters can be applied to plastics, printed circuit boards, medical devices, microcomputers, lab equipment, connectors and contacts, photo equipment, printers, and audio/video equipment. 

    ACL Staticide is a one-stop solution to stop by for all your ESD floor cleaning requirements. Apart from the cleaners listed below. You can shop for an array of cleaning supplements to make your workplace ever-ready to achieve productivity. 

    Get your Hands-on:

    Get the Best Cleaners to Sparkle Your ESD Workplace

    Contaminants are always a headache for critical workplaces that deal with Electronic and ESD equipment. When it comes to the ESD work floor, things get more complicated. Choosing the right ESD floor solution is necessary to improve workplace efficiency. 

    Special floors require special treatment! And Gokimco delivers exceptional ACL Staticide ESD Safe floor products to keep the workplace away from contaminants. Our specialized cleaning solutions are the best choice for daily care and cleaning. Get ready to lead a safety-first industry with us. We deliver quality ESD floor cleaners to enhance your critical work environment. 

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