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    ASG Jergens – The Most Effective Hand & Power Tools to Boost Speed & Precision

    In recent years, the demand for hand tools and power tools has increased considerably. Users need to save time while delivering the best results. And making sure that you have the right set of tools for the job is the most crucial part!

    Two of the most common types of tools are – power and hand tools.

    While the hand tools require manual effort, power tools can be operated on electricity. Well, both come with their own benefits.

    Even the smartest tools can impose dangers if not chosen adequately. Hence, to determine the right tool for your workplace, it’s important to factor in your needs, preferences, and even the purpose for which you intend to use it.

    ASG Jergens designs and manufactures the best-in-class hand and power tools. Being a leading innovator of torque control DC tools and assembly equipment, ASG specializes in error-proofing products and quality torque control to make a worker comfortable. The company aims at delivering the finest quality products and providing solutions as per your needs and demands.

    ESD-safe DC Drivers from ASG Jergens

    Benefits of Using Hand and Power Tools

    Hand tools

    1. They provide a high degree of precision as you can maneuver hand tools while working.
    2. They don’t require any power source in their operation.
    3. They are easy to handle because they have fewer moving parts and give you full control when utilizing them.
    4. They are lightweight and easy to carry.

    Power tools

    1. The first benefit of using power tools is the high speed.
    2. These tools can increase the efficiency of workers by simplifying their work and completing different tasks in less time.
    3. They deliver greater accuracy and also conserve the energy of the user.
    4. These deliver a clear estimation of capacity, overall, and power input which simplifies the job for workers.

    You can get your hands on torque driver tools, calibration equipment, and other products from ASG Jergens enlisted below-

    1. ESD-safe DC Drivers

    Designed for precision assembly works, ESD-Safe Value-Engineered DC Drivers from ASG Jergens are economically priced, torque-controlled, low-voltage DC screwdrivers. These feature a clutch that automatically stops when a pre-set torque is reached, preventing over and under-tightening.

    The additional characteristics include – reduced vibration and noise, exceptionally lightweight, balanced ergonomic design, and switch-activated operations.

    ESD-safe DC Drivers

    Here are some of the ESD-safe DC drivers from ASG:

    2. Shock Absorbing Drivers

     Shock absorbing torque drivers from ASG Jergens are manufactured by combining all the features of cleanroom drivers, shock-absorbing drivers, and ESD-safe drivers. These are effective to be used in cleanroom applications and ESD-safe environments.

    Shock-absorbing drivers are the smart choice for high-volume manufacturers who want to increase productivity. The brushless motors of drivers keep your tools on the line by reducing maintenance downtime, which maximizes your tooling ROI.

    Some of the high-quality shock absorbing drivers from ASG include:

    Shock Absorbing Drivers from ASG Jergens

    3. Hose Reel/Balancer 

    The hose reel balancer from ASG allows a tool to be positioned over the workstation for comfortable operation and can be used with pneumatic screwdrivers or other small air tools. Moreover, these integrate the air hose and support cable to keep the work area clean.

    The features of hose reel tool balancers involve – protection of assembly tools from accidental damage, simplified installations & better tool control, and simplified applications.

    Here are some top-notch hose reels/balancers to shop from ASG:

    4. Pistol Grip Pneumatic Screwdrivers 

    The pistol grip drivers from ASG are built for high production environments. These tools provide durability, power, and speed for assembly and manufacturing applications at an affordable price.

    Pneumatic Screwdrivers

    Designed for safe operations and increased comfort for operators, these deliver minimal vibration and low torque reactions. Pistol grip pneumatic screwdrivers are easy to carry, increase productivity, and enhance product quality through precision torque control and user comfort.

    Pneumatic drivers from ASG include:

     5. Standard Tape Dispenser

     ASG Jergens manufactures superior quality tape dispensers that make tape dispensing quick and easy, especially for applications where the tape is used regularly. This helps to increase efficiency and reduce tape waste.

    You can purchase a high-quality, extremely reliable tape dispenser from ASG:

    Standard Tape Dispenser from ASG Dispensers

    Get Superior Quality Hand And Power Tools That Meet Your Workplace Requirements

    Getting a perfect finish, maximum productivity, and enhanced efficiency while maintaining user safety is only possible with high-quality tools. Hence, choosing the perfect hand and power tools for your workplace is very important.

    At GoKimco, we deliver exceptional ASG brand products including torque control, error-proofing and process control products, digital calibration equipment, and assembly workstation accessories. We assure you long-term turnkey solutions for your assembly needs at a great value that covers all your industrial needs!

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