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    Top-notch inspection tools

    Aven Tools: High-Tech Equipment To Meet Your Inspection Requirements

    Thanks to recent advances in technology, we have access to top-notch microscopes, magnifying glasses, and other inspection tools to carry on our tasks with ease. These tools not only produce a better resolution than the naked eye but also remove eye strain and blurring of the image.

    Well, considering the list of leading precision technology providers, Aven Tools lies top of the list. With a product line featuring more than 750 optical inspection and precision assembly tools, the company has always focused on high-solution equipment to serve customer demands.

    The Aven Tools products include- portable microscopes, video inspection systems, high-resolution video, and digital cameras, lenses, illuminated magnifiers, and more.

    Let’s dig more to know about the product range from – Aven Tools!

    1. Super Slim LED Magnifying Lamp

    LED magnifying lamps are excellent to effortlessly view smaller details, reduce eye strain, and prevent vision fatigue. As a result, they are popular with jewelers, dental clinics, watch and electronics repair, scientific research laboratories, and even for the home office.

    The super-slim magnifying lamps from Aven Tools are efficient and powerful magnifying lamps that feature 60 energy-efficient LEDs. These provide bright, shadow-free illumination for the workbench and have an innovative modern super slim design with a stylish stainless steel ring. These also come with an adjustable arm that stays in place in any position.

    LED Magnifying Lamp from Aven Tools

    Here are some variety of super slim magnifying lamps to shop from:

     2. Flush Cutters

     A good-quality flush cutter creates a cut that is smooth, neat, and perfect. The best part is that you may not only use it for jewelry cutting but also for cutting cables and electronic wires.

     The ESD-safe flush cutters by Aven Tools are renowned for their superior cutting-edge technology. They are strong and versatile and give superior performance while cutting the edges.

     The features of these ESD-safe flush cutters include:

     1Unique screw joint - To ensure that the cutting edges stay in perfect alignment for superior performance.

    2. Ergonomic design - The flush cutters from Aven have ESD Safe grips and are ergonomically designed to deliver exceptional comfort and increase the operator’s productivity.
    3. Durability - These are designed to be durable through hundreds of thousands of cuts.

    Flush Cutters from Aven ToolsThese are available in a wide range of varieties to serve different purposes including: 

     3. Heat Guns

    Heat guns are a must-have tool for professionals, craftspeople, and DIY masters. These handy tools are so much more versatile than plastic welding tools and are great wherever heat is needed. For instance- bending plastic pipes, soldering copper pipe joints, heat shrink tubing, electrical equipment repair, etc.

    Aven Tools designs excellent quality, reliable heat guns with digital temperature control and adjustable temperature to heat an area equally. These offer precise heat control with a sharp LCD display and are designed to be used either by hand or placed vertically on a workbench.

    Heat Guns from Aven Tools

    Following is a list of available heat guns to shop from Aven Tools:

     4. Stealth Pliers

     Excellent for making sharp bends and right angles in wire, stealth pliers are the best-in-class ergonomic tools. These can be used for gripping flat objects, straightening bent wire and holding flat parts such as wire cables, performing assembly operations, etc.

     Built from stainless steel, Aven’s stealth pliers are designed for precision applications. These feature screw joint construction for maximum durability and ensure precise tip alignment.

     The features of these stealth pliers include:

    1. Ultra-responsive dual leaf springs - To provide easy opening and closing for reduced hand fatigue during repetitive use.

    2. ESD safe hand grips - For protection against static build-up and to make users feel comfortable for all hand sizes.

    3. Mirror finish stainless steel - To deliver superior rust protection compared to standard carbon steel pliers.

    Stealth Pliers from Aven Tools

    Some of the stealth pliers from Aven Tools include:

    Superior Quality Tools to Fulfill Your Inspection Needs

    Getting the best results and higher productivity isn’t tough with good quality tools in hand! Aven Tools delivers solution-based products depending on the work areas and needs of the customers. The list continues with several other products including – tweezers, probes, nozzles, LED ring lights, eye loupes, smoke absorbers, and more. The products are not only handy but are ergonomically designed to meet your industry requirements. 

    You can shop for more such products at GoKimco!


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