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    Industrial workplace

    Professional Electronics and Electrical Equipment From Eclipse Tools

    If you need electrical equipment to carry on any of your daily/industrial tasks, what do you look out for?

    You will always opt for the latest and best tools that can easily provide great and fast results for all your electrical jobs. Well, it’s the most prior requirement while choosing tools – the quality of equipment and the productivity it provides.

    Eclipse Tools connects distributors and professionals in the electrical, electronics, networking, and security fields with top-quality tools and accessories. The company focuses on developing a wide range of exemplary, extensible development tools, and tool-specific components to deliver the required outcome in the least possible time.

    Eclipse designs and markets over 100 new products every year to serve customers in different industries. It strives to facilitate every customer with superior services, updated inventory, and valuable products. 

    You can shop for high quality, extremely reliable products from the list below:

    1. LED Benchtop Magnifier

    Magnifiers are invaluable tools in day-to-day life. LED magnifiers allow for intricate work without eyestrain and deliver proper magnification at a comfortable work distance.

    LED Benchtop Magnifier from Eclipse Tool

    LED benchtop magnifiers from Eclipse Tools are laid on the foundations of spectacle-making, microscopy, and modern lens technology. These come with clamps and are designed to provide high transmittance and stable performance.

    2. Crimping Tool 

    The multi-functional crimping tools help with bending, cutting, stripping, and other similar actions. They are designed to work with particular cable, wire, pipe sizes, or gauges and are used to create a firm and reliable bond.

    Eclipse Tools designs and manufactures an all-in-one crimping tool to strip, cut, and crimp insulated and non-insulated wires and connectors. These can be used to serve many different applications across a range of industries and environments. 

    Crimping Tool from Eclipse Tools

    3. SMD Rework System 

    SMD Rework System is essential equipment required for desoldering and soldering of IC components or chips and BGA while mobile phone repairing and other PCB repair tasks. These rework stations empower users to remove defective parts, replace any missing parts, reinstall incorrectly placed parts, and remove parts that are no longer working.

    SMD Rework System from Eclipse Tools offers adjustable airflow, air volume, and temperature changes. These have microprocessor-controlled, closed-circuit sensor designs and provide real-time operating convenience.

    SMD Rework System

    4. Digital Multimeter

    This standard diagnostic test tool is used to measure two or more electrical values without any extra effort. These are preferred over needle-based analog meters due to their ability to measure with greater accuracy, reliability, and increased impedance.

    Digital multimeter from Eclipse Tools comes with a USB connector and holds the benefits of visual display, easy operation, and stable performance. It can be used to measure DC voltage, AC voltage, DC current, AC current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, temperature, diode, and also to make an on-and-off test.

     5. Other Useful Equipment 

    Eclipse Tools aims at developing top-quality tools to serve every application while delivering reliability and comfort to the users. The company provides industry expertise and swift services for all the fields.

    Apart from the mentioned list of equipment, you can also shop from a wide array of available tools manufactured by Eclipse Tools. These include: 

    • Cordless Drill Driver to make holes and fasten the screws, nuts, and small bolts.
    • Heat Gun Kit with improved heat dissipation and an impact-resistant heating element.
    • Tip Cleaning Wire Sponge to remove debris and corrosion from the solder tips without causing any damage.
    • Helping Hand Magnifier with double clamp and stand that allows close observation during soldering operations.
    • Heat Gun Kit with improved heat dissipation and an impact-resistant heating element.

    Equipment from Eclipse Tool

    Get the Top-Notch Quality Tools to Empower Your Workplace & Workers

    The specialized electronic tools have evolved over the years. Getting the highest quality equipment not only saves you from risks but also serves valuable results. Choosing the right equipment is essential to enhance your workplace productivity.

    GoKimco offers exceptional Eclipse Tools and accessories to help the technicians work comfortably and feel safe. Our electronic tools and devices are the best choice for daily and industrial applications.


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