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    A person soldering circuit board

    Shop for Premium Soldering & Desoldering Tools for Your Industry From EDSYN Inc.

    Be it beginner, professional, or hobbyist, soldering tools are essential to carry multiple tasks like – fix circuit boards and electronics, make jewelry items, welding, etc. With a huge range of soldering equipment available in the market today, getting the appropriate one for yourself might be confusing at times. 

    However, you always need to follow the thumb rule – get the best quality tool that ensures greater reliability.

    EDSYN Inc. is a world-class manufacturer of quality soldering, vacuum pick-up, SMT reworks, desoldering, and fume extraction products. The acronym EDSYN stands for Engineering Dedicated to Suit Your Needs, and the company constantly works for the same, delivering high-quality and extremely reliable products to all the users.

    EDSYN'S mission is – to bring innovative ideas to life through quality engineering and commitment, developing high-performance designs dedicated to suit the needs of customers.

    The reliable, cost-effective product list from EDSYN includes-

    1. Desoldering Stations

    As the name suggests, Desoldering stations are portable models that effectively remove solders from components. These are best suited to work on tiny components, such as removing the solder from multiple pass-through parts.

    EDSYN designs high-performance desoldering stations that deliver maximum heat transfer with zero crossing circuitry for ESD-safe operation. These have an economical, easy soldering and desoldering rework center with dual independent temperature-controlled handpieces, adjustable tool handles, and external calibration for user comfort.

      Desoldering Station from EDSYN

    EDSYN distributes high-quality desoldering stations with durable operational efficiencies:

     2. Lead-free Tips

     EDSYN manufactures lead-free tips, suitable for standard soldering applications and long-life use. These hold the following two benefits – extra long-life in standard soldering applications and longer life when soldering at high temperatures.

      Lead-free Tips from EDSYN

    Here are some of the durable and versatile lead-free tips supplied by EDSYN:

     3. ESD-safe Vacuum Pick-Up Tool Kit

    ESD Safe Vacuum Pick-Up Tool Kit is manufactured specifically to create a safe path for static electricity to drain to the ground. These help to prevent electronic equipment interruptions, failures, and downtime.

    Using the EDSYN vacuum pick-up tool reduces any chance of damaging components when cleaning devices such as computers, multi-function printers, x-ray, medical, robotic, ATM, GPS, and other electronic control equipment. These come with angled lifting needles to work in small places comfortably.

      ESD-safe vacuum pick-up tool

    Here are some top ESD-safe vacuum varieties available at EDSYN:

    4.  Benchtop Fume Extraction Fan

    Controlling fumes is a critical process in laboratories of all scales. It is essential for places where routine experiments result in the generation of airborne particulates that may be hazardous to personnel.

    Benchtop fume extraction fan

    The benchtop fume extraction systems from EDSYN are high-performance laboratory instruments designed to capture and retain particulates, fumes, and vapors in a self-contained fume hood. A powerful fan draws air from inside the affected area through the filter, making the area clean and less polluted.

    5. Soldering Station

    Soldering stations are among the most popular types of equipment in the market. These are easier to use than standard irons and can also be used for a wider range of applications. 

    At EDSYN, you can get industry standards, highly dependable, and cost-efficient soldering stations that have ​​easy service and maintenance features. These are specifically designed for accurate linear temperature control. 

    Soldering station

    EDSYN designs top-notch soldering stations to meet your workplace requirements: 

    High-standard Soldering & Desoldering Tools From EDSYN

    Selecting the right equipment for your industry is never easy. You need to search a lot of places to get high-quality tools that meet your needs. At GoKimco, you get it all in one place.

    You can also shop from a variety of tips, soldering stations, and desoldering pumps available at EDSYN that ensure high standards, accuracy, and reliability. These products are specifically designed to serve your industrial needs. Besides this, you can get your hands on some amazing electronic and electrical equipment all under one roof!




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