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    Top 5 Soldering Products Your Industry Needs From Hexacon

    No matter what your soldering job entails, having the right tools is a key part of getting it done. From thousands of categories of tools available out there, you need to have the best one in hand to attain maximum productivity, better results, and user safety.

    “Discover the tools to build your own vision.”

    Hexacon was established in 1996 and has become one of the leading manufacturers of heavy-duty soldering and branding irons, stations, tips, accessories, and various desoldering systems. The company focuses on developing soldering irons that range from the units designed for the most exacting electronics to heavyweights that are used in the assembly of diesel locomotives.

    The products range from Hexacon include cost-effective tools and equipment that come with the assurance of the best performance in every application they are used for.

    Let’s look into the list of the 5 best products that can help you maximize your workplace efficiency:

    1. Mini Irons

    Mini-Irons are the leading pencil irons helpful for steady output applications. Their comfortable design pattern and handle make them popular for production line duties, rework, and touch-up, with a performance range from miniature applications, through-hole printed circuits to repetitive connections or terminal work.

    Hexacon manufactures high-quality mini-irons that are dependable and easy to maintain. The tip, element, cord, and handle of each Mini-Iron are independently replaceable. And these can be used economically for a variety of applications by changing the tip or even the element to meet the particular soldering requirements.

    Mini-Irons drom Hexacon

    The product range includes:

    And many more.

    2. Temperature-controlled Soldering Stations

    With temperature-controlled soldering stations, you can easily set the temperature beyond the melting point of a specific solder within a safe limit for the components. This enables skilled operators to solder various temperature applications with less tip inventory and safely solder heat-sensitive components.

     The Hexacon HTC Series temperature-controlled soldering stations provide rapid heat up and quick recovery for fast and efficient soldering. These are available in single or dual forms with standard or high heat capacity handpieces that are independently controlled.

    The major benefit of using these stations is – you can easily carry on a full range of applications from­ micro-circuits to heavy connections without any interruptions. 


    3. Therm-O-Trac Plus Stations 

    The therm-o-trac stations are digitally controlled, variable temperature stations designed for quick recovery and high reliability. These are powerful, responsive, and reliable stations that are perfect for soldering applications with a wide range of temperature requirements.

    Hexacon offers highly reliable therm-o-trac plus stations that exceed all industry standards and MIL specs including performance and ESD requirements.

    The features of these stations involve:

    1. It continually senses temperature and corrects the temperature variations immediately by adjusting the power through a closed-loop and zero voltage switching circuit.
    2. All units can be easily calibrated in the field without any special components or tools to ensure certification compliance with industry standards and MIL Specs.
    3. The station design eliminates any possibility of ESD damage.
    4. These are made to survive the harshest soldering environments.

    Temperature-controlled station

     4. Micro-Stedi Soldering Stations

     The Micro-Stedi stations are heavyweight soldering tools with a compact footprint and featherweight sub-miniature handpiece. These match the need for a few touch-up connections or continuous production line soldering and features unique thermal compensating circuitry.

    The micro-stedi station from Hexacon is the perfect soldering station for fine line circuitry, subminiature and small terminal work. These employ a thermally self-compensating circuit and hold stable soldering temperature.

    The features include:

    1. Slim & lightweight with a soldering capacity ranging from delicate microcircuits to small terminals.
    2. Unique thermal compensating circuitry.
    3. Have a simple design, are rugged, and are easy to maintain.
    4. These are burn-resistant, extra-flexible, and support tip, element, cord, and handle that are replaceable for maximum versatility.
    Micro-Stedi Station

    5. Soldering Sponge

    Soldering irons require cleaning in between each soldering process to ensure that the hot tip is free from accumulated solder, flux, and other substances. This helps in maintaining the quality and speed of soldered joints.

    Hexacon manufactures top-notch soldering sponges to clean the corrosion on the tip of the iron or to remove solder without affecting the application. 

    You can shop from:

    Soldering station from Hexacon

    Enhance Your Workplace Efficiency With Hexacon Soldering Equipment

     Good quality soldering tools make the process easier and the result more effective. And for quality tools, you can always rely on – Hexacon. The company aims at delivering premium quality soldering tools and stations with the promise of best performance and reliability.

     At GoKimco, we offer a wide array of soldering and desoldering tools and equipment that fit your workplace needs. Shop better with us!


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