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    The What & How of Selecting The Right Masking Products For Your Industry

    Masking is an essential part of the production and finishing process for fabricators and manufacturers all over the world. Be it the tapered plugs, masking tape for painting, plastic, end caps, or masking discs; you need to have the best quality tools to get your work done.

    The key to maximum productivity revolves around selecting appropriate equipment that suits your operating temperature and application process.

    Shercon Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic products including- plastic caps, tubing, masking, plugs, spiral wraps, netting, and more. The company focuses on offering the most comprehensive range of standard masking tapes, discs, and in-house custom capabilities. The broad range of tools from Shercon securely protects your product during any finishing process like- painting, powder coating, anodizing, plating, and e-coating.

    Factors to Consider While Selecting a Masking Tape!

    There is a wide array of masking products available in the market. However, it is essential to choose the right type of masking tape/disc to save the extra hours of removing scrap and residue from your job or even to save yourself from re-doing the entire work again.

    Below are the factors necessary to consider while selecting a masking tape:

    • Transfer/residue resistance - It should not leave any adhesive residues when removed even if exposed to direct sunlight and heat.
    • Sharp paint edge - It should have a sharp paint line that will not bleed through into the masked area or during the process.
    • Conformability - If the process involves too many curved areas or edges, you should opt for a higher grade tape.

    Shercon offers a wide range of masking products that are reliable, high in quality, and even cost-effective. Read on to know more about their masking products!

    1. Polyimide Kapton Tape

    Polyimide Kapton Tape is an extremely essential tool in any electrician's toolbox. It's known for its gold and amber color, extreme adhesion properties, and unbeatable strength. These perform at peak strength over a range of high temperatures without losing their adhesiveness and can be removed without any leftover residue.

    Kapton tape provides electrical insulation, is heat and chemical resistant, and has a low outgassing rate, making it great for high-vacuum applications.

    Shercon manufactures high-temperature Polyamide Kapton Tapes that support electrical and thermal insulation and are highly suitable for use in the masking of Gold fingers on circuit boards during wave soldering. Their excellent release properties allow them to be used in the powder coating industries.

    Polyimide Kapton Tape

    Here is a list of variants to shop from:

     2. Inspection Arrows

    Need to point out the action areas? Well, inspection arrows are the best thing to mark identification areas, flagging, indicating repairs, and for quality inspections.

    Fluorescent Inspection Arrows designed by Shercon help identify and color-coding action areas. These can be affixed permanently or can be repositioned without leaving any residues behind. These do not fade, dry out, curl, lift, or become brittle.

    Inspection Arrows from Shercon

    You can shop from the different color inspection arrows by Shercon:

     3. Masking Discs 

    Masking Discs are designed to be used as a solder wave mask or electrical insulation. These come with silicone adhesive and are resistant to flame and chemicals. Shercon’s mask film discs come with silicone adhesive, are flame and chemical resistant, and can withstand severe temperatures without tearing.

    Masking discs

    You can shop from the list of various masking discs from Shercon available in several diameters:

     4. Solder Wave Discs

     Solder wave discs are designed to be used for wave soldering or dip soldering. These can withstand 5 to 8 seconds of immersion in molten 510° F (255° C) solder without adhesive transfer.

    The major applications of solder wave discs include:

    • Anodizing and powder coating
    • Heat insulation
    • General-purpose masking
    • High-temperature painting jobs
    • Solder wave processes
    Solder wave discs from Shercon

    You can dig into the list of available solder wave discs:

     Shercon For The Best Masking Tapes & Discs

    Rooting the old masking products that leave residues behind is a bad idea. It’s time you switch to better products!

    Shercon offers superior quality, easily peelable masking tapes and discs at a cost-effective range – that easily adhere to the surface and leave no adhesive residues behind. The brand aims at developing high-quality, reliable OEM rubber products to be used in the automotive, heavy agricultural, fluid control, and plumbing industries, etc.

    At GoKimco, you can shop from a variety of Shercon products to enhance your workplace productivity!

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