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    Lindstrom – The Most Precise Cut For All Your Hard Wire Applications

     Whether you are a mechanic, an electrician, or just a hobbyist, a quality set of tools such as – pliers, wire cutters, and screwdrivers can make an indispensable addition to your toolbox.

    Lindstrom precision tools design and manufacture equipment tailored to the most demanding requirements. The company focuses its design on innovation, performance, and ergonomics. The tools are produced to serve various industries like- electronic assembly, medical device manufacturing, aerospace, and bead and jewelry arts, etc.

    From artists to makers of jewelry creations, everyone chooses Lindstrom pliers and cutters to precisely bend wires, get a sharp edge, create unique designs, and consistently execute flush cuts.

    Benefits of Superior Quality Wire Cutters!

    Wire cutters are an essential tool for both DIY enthusiasts and tradesmen, but like every tool, actually deciding which ones you need can be a real problem. These make wire-cutting jobs easier and faster. 

    Here are a few advantages of getting the right plier/wire cutter in your hand:

    • Promotes safety – Most of the wire cutters have insulated handles to ensure you don’t get a shock when you’re dealing with electrical wires.

    • Easier working mechanism – Wire cutters make your job easy, especially when you’re cutting wires with electrical current or tough wires. These also ensure that you have to use minimal force when cutting.
    • Versatility – Besides cutting wires, pliers/wire cutters can also help you in compressing and bending wires, firmly holding the objects, crimping wire connectors, and unscrewing bolts and screws. They are designed to cut iron, brass, aluminum, copper, and steel wires.

    Top-Notch Product Supplies From Lindstrom

    Here is a list of products offered by Lindstrom you can shop to create a perfect design in every field:

    1. Tapered Head Cutters

    Tapered head cutters are quite popular in the industry. Their pointed head allows for increased cutting access while holding sufficient strength to avoid breakage when used within its capacity. These are renowned for their superior cutting edge technology, exceptional durability, and crisp cuts.

    Lindstrom designs top-quality tapered head cutters having ESD-safe, ergonomic cushion grips that guarantee an even functioning with ease and comfort of the user.

    Tapered head cutters

    You can shop from the following list of products:

    2. Micro-Bevel Cutters

    Micro bevel cutters are specifically designed to carry on the toughest and most forceful applications, from removing plate steel retaining pins to the most sensitive and sterile of environments.

    The oval-head micro-bevel cutters from Lindstrom are ideal for wire harness work and standard printed circuit board assembly. These offer unsurpassed cutting capacity and are flexible for the general cutting task, cutting headpins, eye pins, small chains, tiger tail, and cords, etc.

    The features include –

    1. Made of high-performance alloy steel.
    2. Screw joint maximizes alignment of cutting edges and minimizes friction.
    3. Guarantees edge angle accuracy and contact. Thus, increasing the tool’s reliability and consistency.

    Micro-bevel cutters from Lindstorom

    You can shop from the range of products designed by Lindstrom:

    3. Micro-Adjustable Torque Screwdriver 

    Micro-adjustable torque screwdrivers are externally adjustable torque tools that offer various setting options for applications that require more than one torque value. These feature an external adjustment torque scale, which allows an operator to quickly and accurately adjust the torque setting on the tool as needed for different applications.

    The torque screwdrivers from Lindstrom allow instant change to the torque value and come with an easy-to-read window scale. These are excellent tools for flexible production and these also virtually eliminate over-application of force, thereby reducing the risk for damage and rework costs.

    Micro-adjustable torque screwdriver from Lindstrom

    You can get your hands on the following torque screwdrivers from Lindstrom:

    4. Manual Pre-Set Torque Screwdriver

    Manual Preset Torque Screwdriver is a high-precision screwdriver with a precise adjustment screw that makes setting torque easy. These are lightweight and have rugged construction.

    Lindstrom manufactures high-performance pre-set torque screwdrivers to reduce the risk of damage and rework costs by virtually eliminating the over-application of force. These have non-magnetic spring-loaded bit holder that helps in avoiding damage to sensitive equipment or components.

    Manual pre-set torque screwdriver

    The list of items includes:

    Lindstrom Cutters, Pliers, and Other Precision Tools to Simplify Your Work

     Lindstrom has set the standard for quality products used by technicians, mechanics, jewelers, beaders, hobbyists, and craftspeople around the globe. The tools are completely reliable and can be purchased at affordable prices.

    At GoKimco, you can shop from a wide array of wire-cutting equipment from Lindstrom to carry on applications with more ease while delivering the best results.


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