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    Do Your Soldering the Right Way with Weller Solder Tips at Kimco

    As you work on your electrical component, in your garage or on the assembly line, you owe a lot of credit to the actual soldering to the solder tips. For many people this is the Weller solder tips that they are using. At Kimco we carry a large line of Wellder solder tips for the hobbyist to commercial applications. A solder tips can come in several different sizes and configurations. For example, at Kimco we carry the Weller CT6C7 3.17mm screwdriver solder tip, a 6.35mm screwdriver tip in the CT5E8, and Weller ETAA 1.6mm Single Flat Tip plus over 150 others. What makes Weller solder tips different than other types of manufacturers is the solid copper plated with iron all over and the innovation that provides maximum heat transfer from the heater to the tip. As more and more people set up shop in their basements, garages, and outbuildings - for either setting up their own business, or as a hobby to build their own electrical products and tools - the need for solder tips has increased. Weller solder tips are often the ones that people reach for. At Kimco we have tested several of the Weller solder tips and put our stamp of approval on them. As you look through the Kimco online catalog of soldering items, stations, sponges, solder irons, and tips you will notice that Weller continues to receive high marks from consumers. If you are looking for quality solder tips then take a look at what we can offer in terms of extensive line of products and affordable prices.
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