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    Keep Soldering Irons Clean with Weller Sponges, Tip Cleaners

    When it comes to those soldering projects the most important tool you have - besides the soldering iron - is your sponge or tip cleaner. Weller sponges, tip cleaners are some of the most innovative and most used in the world of industrial and hobby settings. Any soldering iron requires that you keep it clean and well maintained. This cleaning applies to both storing the soldering iron as well as the actual use of the iron or pencil. A sponge is a great way to keep your tips clean while you are using your solder iron. While you are soldering, you can wipe the tip across a sponge to wipe off any excess solder, dirt, or oxides for a much cleaner, better adhering solder. This means that you need to keep plenty of sponges on hand as they need to be clean. Another way to keep your solder iron clean is with a tip cleaner system. This type of system consists of a steel wool ball that is housed in a holder. You place the tip in side the wool and rub it back and forth. You will also need some paste, or thinner, to help remove the solder debris and oxides. Cleaning the tip in this manner is mostly done when putting away your solder tips for storage. Take care of all of your tips cleaning with the Kimco line of Weller sponges, tips cleaners. Check out the Kimco website for more details on tip cleaners and refill sponges. The prices are affordable and delivery time is fast.
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