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    Weller Heat Guns at Kimco

    For anyone who has experience with soldering and working with electrical components knows that quality products help the entire process go much smoother. With Weller heat guns, available at Kimco, you can now do top quality soldering jobs with much more confidence. A heat gun is different than other soldering irons as they are constructed with a pistol grip design for better control. They also have a trigger which will give instant heat when depressed. This is different from a solder iron, or a soldering station, where the heat is constantly at the tip. Using a heat gun is also different from the use of an iron. As you hold the gun you are able to complete larger points of solder over a little bit larger area than you would with an iron. Irons are mostly for spot soldering while guns are for larger areas. The Weller heat guns all have a distinct pistol like grip, but have different qualities across models. The Weller 8200PK heat gun kit is a great tool for those who are doing soldering projects for fun or involved in simply repairs. The Weller 6966C is a 250-watt heat gun that is ESD-safe and usable in more industrial type settings where there are mass assemblies. Whichever you are in the market for, Kimco carries Weller heat guns at affordable prices - the 6966C costing $129 - with very fast shipping. Take a look at the Kimco website for more soldering accessories, irons, and soldering stations. You will find that the prices are equally low and that our customer service deserves it top rating.
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