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    Weller Soldering Tip Uses - Why So Many Sizes & Styles of tips

    The large selection of Weller soldering tips that Kimco Distributing Corp. carries gives electronics-repair companies the ability to find the perfect replacement soldering tip. Anyone who has repaired a motherboard or soldered together two electronic components knows how important precision is. The smallest amount of solder in the incorrect spot can ruin an entire part. This is why Kimco Distributors carries over a hundred Weller tips. Screwdriver soldering tips like the Weller CT5E8 , which have two flat edges and look like a flat-blade screwdriver, are useful when working on larger electronic components. While they perform well when doing wire-to-surface or wire-to-wire soldering, these do not provide the precision that some of Kimco Distributing’s other tips offer. On the other hand, the right screwdriver soldering tip can make quick work of a larger soldering project. Kimco Distributing’s flat tips, which range from tips under 1 mm to a 4.8 mm tip, are similar in size to the screwdriver tips. Flat tips are typically used in the same type of work as screwdriver tips. Also known as chisel tips, they are used for general electrical and wiring work, in addition to electronics repair and manufacturing. Weller’s tweezer tips provide the greatest amount of control when soldering. Coming in several different sizes, these allow for the easy manipulation of electronic parts. Many workers find the tweezer soldering tips from Kimco Distributors are especially handy when disassembling parts and removing small chip components. Within each of these categories, Kimco Distributing carries a range of different sizes. From the smallest chip repair to general electronic work, Kimco Distributing has the Weller replace tips people need to get the job done.
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