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    Keep it Close with the Panavise 305 Low Profile Vise

    When working on certain items, it is not always a good idea to have them far away from the work station. Using a vise base which has a low profile will allow you to keep all of your work closer to the surface of the station. This is exactly what you will be able to find whenever you are purchasing the Panavise 305 low profile vise. This low profile head comes from a respected manufacturer and features a sturdy construction. It is available for purchase through our Kimco online catalog. The Panavise 305 low profile vise is compatible with all of the 300 series heads from PanaVise. It will also allow you to use any head with a shaft of 5/8 inches diameter. The “split-ball” lock can hold any head securely in place. Locking the mechanism is easy to accomplish with the single control knob and the sturdy construction of the vise base. Three countersunk holes allows for easy and sturdy installation using ¼ inch flat-head screws. The 2.5 inch height is perfect for maintaining a low profile while working items you intend to keep close to the work surface. Purchasing the Panavise 305 low profile vise is easy to do whenever you are visiting our Kimco online catalog. You will be able to browse to find this and many other great products you might need for your home or professional work space. The easy navigation tools on the site make it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. We make sure that all of the items on the website are also stocked in our warehouse. This means that whenever you place an order, we will be able to immediately pull from our existing stock to ship it to you immediately. We look forward to getting your order.
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