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    Keep The Air in Your Clean Room Ionized With Kimco ESD Safe Ionizers

    One of the many problems that clean rooms face in keeping a contaminated environment is in the ionization of the actual air in the room. Offices, workshops, and clean rooms generally have less fresh air circulating and are, therefore, stuffier and have more carbon dioxide, chemicals emitted by carpets and paint, dust and electrical equipment like computers all producing positive ions. Higher concentrations of positive ions make the air unhealthy to breathe. An ESD Safe Ionizer is perfect for areas where electronic circuits, computers, and other sensitive equipment is being stored, assembled or repaired. Because most of us spend most of our waking and sleeping hours indoors, it is in our best interest to improve the quality of the air we must breathe. A good way to do this is to reduce the number of positive ions in the air and increase the number of negative ions. The negative ions attract the positive ions and pull them out of the air. They fall to the ground, leaving behind cleaner air. In a clean assembly area this is a must. Kimco has a great line of ESD safe ionizers and accessories that will work to replace the positive ions in the air with negative ions for better, cleaner air. Benchtop ionizers are very popular in many areas like assembly plants and home workshops. Because of this Kimco has available a Simco-Ion 5051141 Articulating Arm for minION2 Ionizing Blowers that is perfect for keeping the ionizer off your bench, but also where you need it. There is also free shipping on this model! Check out the great prices and selection within the Kimco online catalog. You will find great prices, fast shipping, and extensive knowledge to help you find the perfect accessory for your ESD needs.
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