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    Precision Repairs A Reality With Steinel HG 2310 Intelligent Heat Gun

    When working with delicate electrical components, circuit boards, or even small pieces that require a little bit of heat, the best tool for the job is the Steinel HG 2310 Heat Gun found at Kimco. A heat gun is necessary in these projects for several different uses. With a quality esd-safe heat gun you can desolder components, heat shrink insulation for secure connections between wires, and even shrink tubes into place for a long time. The Steinel HG 2310 is the perfect tool for this type of work because it is smart. One of the features of the Steinel HG 2310 ESD ESD-Safe Electronic Heat Gun is that you can set the temperature increases in 10 degree increments. This means that there is not just one temperature that blasts hot air into an area. This can severely damage some components that are susceptible to too much heat. This model is called an Intellitemp heat gun as it does not simply work on one setting. This tool also includes the LOC (Lockable Override Control™) for limiting output to one specific temperature/airflow combination. A great feature that is also helpful when working around electronics and circuits. This coupled with the four customizable pre-set temperature / airflow programs makes the Steinel HG 2310 a staple in any hobby, craft, or manufacturing center. You can purchase your own Steinel ESD-safe electronic heat gun from the Kimco website. We have a large selection of heat guns and accessories to compliment any project you are working on. Check us out and you will see that we are dedicated to serving you with great products, super prices, and extraordinary service.
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