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    5 Features of the Hakko FX-100 Performance Soldering Easier

    Hakko-FX-100-Soldering-StationThe Hakko FX-100 offers many excellent features that take performance soldering to the next level. Beyond offering a compact, sleek design, newer features make this model an excellent choice for those that want to make performance soldering easier. Hakko_Logo Feature #1 – Password Setting Options Password setting options make it possible for individuals to restrict setting changes on the Hakko FX-100, ensuring that important settings are not lost when multiple users use the machine. Several password settings allow you to restrict access to varying degrees.   Feature #2 – User-Friendly Display Another feature that makes performance soldering easier is the user-friendly display offered by the Hakko FX-100. It boasts a large LCD display, making it easy to see settings. The power activity display is user selectable and allows individuals to program and save two different tip profiles.   Feature #3 – Easy-to-Use Temperature Presets Instead of needing to manually set temperatures, easy-to-use temperature presets come standard on the machine, making it easy to choose the setting needed quickly. Not only does the machine come with presets, but those presets may be changed to suit the user’s specific needs.   Feature #4 – Durable, Long-lasting Tips The tips featured by the Hakko FX-100 are of high quality and they are extremely durable and long-lasting. Tip life is prolonged by double plating and the durable, long-lasting tips offer better performance.   Feature #5 – Warning for Low Temperatures Low temperatures lead to problems when performance soldering, and to avoid those issues, the machine offers a special warning when low temperatures are detected. The LCD screen displays an error message, ensuring that low temperatures are quickly detected. fx100_1 Although the Hakko FX-100 is a low cost device, it offers many features that not offer value and ease when performance soldering. Calibration is not required and the machine meets EMI standards, making it an excellent choice for many different types of soldering work. photoKimco Distributing is proud to be an authorized Hakko distributor.  If you have any questions concerning Hakko or any of the products we support, please call or email us.
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