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    Finding the Right Hakko Soldering Tip (Part 1): Tip Size


    At Kimco Distributing, we carry a full line of Hakko soldering tips, because finding the right tip is the most crucial step in the soldering process. There are many factors that influence how a tip should be used, such as its size, heating capacity, shape and series. In this post, the first of a series on all these factors, we will look at how the size of a tip influences the soldering process.

    The Benefits of a Properly Sized Soldering Tip

    A properly sized Hakko tip from Kimco Distributing has several benefits. These all stem from the idea that a correctly sized tip will be the most efficient at transferring heat to the component being soldered. Because heat is efficiently transferred, wetting is easier. Easier wetting lets workers set the soldering iron to a lower temperature, which in turn reduces oxidation. Reducing oxidation, then, prolongs the life of the tip and decreases replacement costs. In summary, the primary benefits of using the correct size Hakko tip are:

    • Decreased oxidation
    • Longer tip service life
    • Reduced replacement tip expenses

    The Importance of Size

    The size of a sldering tip must be appropriate for the job at hand, for it greatly affects the soldering process:

    • A tip that is too small will not transfer enough heat, and it will be too cold.
    • A tip that is too big will transfer too much heat and possible cause bridging. Thus it will be too hot.
    • A tip that is just right will efficiently transfer heat to the component.

    Because soldering tips must be job-specific, we Kimco Distributing have a full line of Hakko replacement tips. The size is the first factor companies should consider when looking for a tip, but it is only one. We will explore other factors in the following posts of this series.

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