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    How a reliable freeze spray can fix circuit board issues

    You’ve spent hours working on your newest project. Blood, sweat and tears all went into the assembly of your prized possession and if something goes wrong, well, you don’t even want to think about that. The truth is, though, a lot can go wrong when assembling a circuit board. After all, it is a giant mass of insulators and copper traces packed in together that takes significant time and skill to plan, design and build properly. You can do a visual inspection to check for any issues, but it’s also important to do a physical inspection of the board, and a reliable freeze spray is great to have on hand. The MicroCare MCC-FRZA freeze spray is the best for the job. It is designed for low-temperature, nondestructive thermal testing of electronic components with minimal static generation. It works to instantly chill surfaces to -45 degrees Celsius or lower, which can test circuit traces for stress fractures or loss of continuity. This is a cheaper and faster alternative to the shotgun troubleshooting process of replacing parts in a trial and error MicroCare MCC-FRZAfashion, which we like to call the “hope and pray” option. This freeze spray is designed to keep both you and your circuit board safe. The product is non-toxic, nonflammable, ozone-safe and plastic-safe. Since this spray is specifically designed to be used on a circuit board, it won’t cause damage like other generic canned air sprays might. Using a spray not made for circuit boards could actually cause more damage than it prevents, which just doubles your sweat and tear production, and no one wants that. Having a reliable freeze spray in your work space could turn complex issues into simple fixes. A freeze spray allows you to locate an issue in your circuit board and eliminate it quickly and effectively. Check out the MicroCare MCC-FRZA freeze spray today and start working on that next project of yours.