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    The Best Quantum Storage Bins for Your Business

    Designed with the unique needs of electronics manufacturers in mind, the Quantum Storage Systems line of products are meant to hold up to heavy use with a large selection of industrial plastic bins and storage systems configurable to any need. Made out of injection molded plastics, these rugged stackable containers come in a number of sizes, configurations and colors. The bins are large and tough enough for the storage of heavy power tools and yet also optimal to keep your smallest items safely contained and organized. Choose from a variety of containers and storage systems including bins, carts, shelves and more.

    Dividable Grid Containers

    Quantum’s dividable grid containers are perfect for small electronics. The injection molded carbon-filled copolymer polypropylene dividable grid totes and boxes will protect your electronic components, printed circuit boards and flex circuits from electrostatic discharge. These containers have a resistivity of less 105 ohms per square and are permanently conductive, unaffected by washing with normal cleaners. Removable dividers allow you to customize the interior space to fit your needs, and a snap-on lid protects from dust and keeps your items secure during movement and transport.

    Stackable Hanging Bins

    Quantum's conductive ultra-stack hanging bins are injected molded and made in the USA from a carbon-filled copolymer polypropylene material. Surface resistivity of these conductive bins is less than 105 ohms per square and the resistivity is unaffected by washing. The material itself is conductive, so you don’t have to worry about the deterioration of any conductive paint or coating. These conductive bins come in a variety of colors and sizes. A non-conductive option, available in black, is also made in the same shapes and sizes. The clear variety of the Quantum conductive bins are a bestseller. The clear material allows you to conveniently see what is stored inside so you can work more quickly and efficiently. Rugged and durable, these containers are resistant to heavy chemicals and made to last. Some bins also come manufactured from recycled 100% post-consumer high-density polypropylene. Available in black, these bins have all the features of Quantum's standard bins but at a more economical price.

    Utility Carts and Tray Carts

    The Quantum Storage System also offers a conductive utility cart and tray cart. Chrome finished, they come with a drag chain at the bottom which maintains contact with your ESD floor. Large casters allow for smooth transport of your items, and can be locked into place for stability. Conductive bins can be loaded and stacked onto the utility cart, which will smoothly transport even heavy loads. For the tray cart, each fiberglass tray is static dissipative and the cart comes with an optional stopping mechanism to attach to the ends of the trays for added security. A three-polymer heavy duty cart is also available as an alternative to the chrome utility cart. See all the available options and get more information here or click below to go to a specific product: You can also see more details and examples of how each product can be used through our series of videos, just click below!