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    Clean Your Products Easier with Kester 24-6337-6403

    After soldering, you want to have a clean appearance. It will allow you to have the professional look you are going for. It will also allow you to have a more functional product you can use. It is the reason why Kester 24-6337-6403 is a product which is used often by those looking to solder. Finding the products you are looking for when soldering is possible whenever you are visiting our catalog at Kimco. This will help you to be able to get even more done with the products you can trust. The Kester 331 organic flux is highly useful to help you easily clean residue. This is because the formula is created to be water soluble. It is useful in flux-cored solder wire. This means that when you are using Kester 24-6337-6403, you are using a flux which has more heat stability than other types of organic fluxes. This also helps you to have less smoke and odor. The Kester 24-6337-6403 organic water soluble cored wire Sn63/Pb37 has a 66 core and a 031” diameter. A simple water rinse is all you need to have the clean look you are going for. The Kimco catalog offers you the ability to get Kester 24-6337-6403 as well as all of the other soldering products that you will need. You will be able to order with confidence knowing that we maintain our catalog of Kester Solder Wire so that we can fill your order as soon as possible. Most of our orders are filled the same day that they are ordered. We can start working on filling your order as soon as you place it.
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