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    Test and measurement equipment from Botron

    Botron Product Supplies: High-Fold Test & Measurement Equipment for ESD-Control

    Test and measurement are two integral segments of manufacturing. Verifying the operational capability and ESD safety in electronics and manufacturing units are necessary to bring continuity to the work. But who can provide you with the supreme quality electronic testing and measurement tools that provide personal protection and device safety from electrostatic discharge?

    Finding a brand that guarantees high-fold accuracy and precision is not difficult anymore. Botron has enhanced workplaces and manufacturing units with productive testing and measuring equipment that provides a one-stop solution to ESD issues. 

    Elementary precaution is necessary for industries to rise above challenges and industrial mishaps. Botron provides reliable and cost-effective solutions for ESD issues by helping industries meet consumer demands at a faster pace.

      Image of an electronic equipment

    Image by Maximilian Fritsche from Pixabay 

    ESD-Safe Product Supplies from Botron

    Understanding your work, ensuring personal safety, and regulating device sensitivity are mandatory to enhance productivity. Test and safety measurements are preventive hacks that will help you maintain error-free production the whole year. Here are some high-end electronic testing and measurement tools supply from Botron that will help you upgrade your production standards: 

    1. ESD-Safe Letter Size Paper 

    Smudge-free letter size paper from Botron are ideal for cleanroom environment and heavy-duty industries. The tensile nature and anti-fragmentation property of ESD-safe letter size paper help industries in printing and photocopying inside a controlled environment.   

    When it comes to a clean environment, we need tensile and smudge-free papers that withstand direct exposure to chemicals and other sensitive objects. Available in various colors, Botron supplies polymer-coated papers that are ideal for eliminating unexpected wear and tear.

    2. ESD Safe Clipboard

     ESD-safe clipboard from Botron

    Botron clipboards are made of static-dissipative vinyl. ESD safe clipboard comes in handy to employees who are working in static-prone zones and a cleanroom environment. When handled by grounded personnel or kept on an ESD safe table, the dissipative vinyl produces low-to-no charge even after continuous usage and contact. Charges from papers and printers can be easily channelized and eliminated using an ESD-safe clipboard. 

    3. Conductive Board Holders

    Sensitive material storage is a challenge being faced by manufacturers who are involved with production inside a static environment. Excellent PCB board holders are necessary to protect sensitive electronic components and board assemblies. Botron distributes conductive board holders with 25 slots and an abrasion resistive coating that help to make easier connections without causing catastrophic electric discharge. 

    Image of a conductive board holder

    4. Conductive Rubber Bands & Straps

    Banding and bundling are essential segments in safe storage, but choosing the right banding and bundling equipment for storage is crucial to ensure secure wrapping. Botron has developed highly-treated elastic rubber bands and straps that are compatible with the heavy-duty device and board assembly banding. 

    You can easily adjust, move and remove Botron supplied conductive rubber bands and straps without causing static troubles anymore. Let’s see some banding and bundling solutions from Botron:

    Conductive rubber bands from Botron

    5. ESD-Flooring Solutions

    Botron distributes Peel Away Tacky Floor mats that are designed with a thin layer of adhesives to remove contaminants from the shoes. They are highly preferred for cleanroom and other sensitive work environments where safety and hygiene are necessary to increase productivity. Choose from the extensive ESD-flooring solutions at Botron to ensure workplace safety. 

    6. ESD-Safe Tape Dispensers

    The slip-resistant ESD rubber base support and powder-coated steel chassis eliminate possibilities of static discharge by improving adhesive bonding property and safe static grounding. 

    The conductive underside in Botron supplied dispensers are highly preferred for sensitive applications where you need to deal with heavy-duty devices and cleanroom applicants. Some of the tape dispensers supplied from Botron include:

    ESD-Safe tape dispensers from Botron

    Get the Best Electronic Test & Measurement Equipment from Botron

    ESD-control program is crucial for every industry to maintain personal safety and protect sensitive devices from static issues. Botron provides static control equipment to manufacturing and electronic industries to enhance productivity. Shop from the extensive brand collections at Gokimco to equip your workplace with Botron Test & Measurement equipment.  

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