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    JNJ Industries: High-Grade Production Supplies and Solvents

    If you take a close look at manufacturing industries, you will know the endless list of supplies required to keep them running. To maintain high standards in the production of electronic equipment, it is essential to utilize good quality raw materials. 

    JNJ industries has been a one-stop solution for solvents, consumable supplies, and components to leading brands for several years. They cater to your requirements by offering custom products and supplies. With a wide range of production utilities, JNJ industries will meet all your demands at the best prices.

    Top 3 Trending Product Supplies from JNG Industries 

    With three decades of experience and a global presence, JNJ Industries has emerged as a reliable supplier and custom solution to industries. Here are some stellar products supplied by JNJ Industries that will help you bring quality products to the competitive market:        

    1. Cleaning Wipes 

    Cleaning is one of the crucial processes for ensuring the safety and efficiency of the final product. Cleaning supplies and wipes are required in solder removal, electronic cleaning, and other processes. JNJ industries has developed a wide range of everyday smart cleaning supplies to improve the storage and maintenance of sensitive products. 

    Their Super Saturated wipes are made from solvent retentive material and are perfect to achieve higher productivity. They are ideal to improve standardization, and significantly reduce VOC emissions. Moreover, due to their efficient solvent control mechanism, they decrease solvent usage by up to 50%. 

    The dry wipes by JNJ Industries are useful for cleaning a wide range of applications, wet as well as dry. JNJ Industries have developed high-grade wipes that are durable and have excellent absorbency. 

    Cleaning Wipes from JNJ Industries In today’s industrial era, these OptiSmart Smart Wipes are sure to give you a unique production experience. They serve as multipurpose wipes to get clean finishes and screens without any mess. Here are some of these super wipes: 

     2. Under Stencil Rolls

    Under Stencil Rolls from JNJ Industries

    Under stencil cleaning and wiping is crucial in assembly processes. To cater to the global demand for stencil rolls, JNJ Industries has efficiently integrated high strength and performance to produce a vast collection of under stencil wiping rolls.

    JNJ stencil rolls have been designed to offer increased resistance, thus preventing tear and enhancing productivity. You can pick the best fit based on your requirements: 

     3. Squeegee Blades and Holders

    Squeegee Holders from JNJ Industries

    Squeegee metal blades have applications in printing and other process control. Based on the type of your needs, you can go with either standard squeegees or custom-made ones. 

    JNJ Industries produce a range of premium metal blades that are ideal for sensitive components. Intricate craftsmanship ensures perfect design and helps you achieve uniformity in printing. 

    JNJ squeegee blades come in a variety of options, such as polyurethane blades for stencil applications, oxidation-preventing anodized holders, and high-grade aluminum holders.  

    Based on the type of material and printing application, you can choose from the following list of squeegee holders and assembly sets: 

    Metal Holders Collage

    Achieve Improved Productivity and Efficiency With Cleaning and Production Supplies From JNJ Industries

    You can now set yourself apart from peers by integrating high-quality supplies into your production process. JNJ Industries has been closely working with specialized research teams to constantly monitor and develop cleaning and printing equipment. By investing in quality, you are sure to deliver improved results. 

    You can access the extensive collection of supplies by JNJ industries on Gokimco. Surf with ease and get your hands on the best equipment to match all your needs, only on Gokimco.

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