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    Drilling wood with help of a bench vise

    PanaVise: The Innovative Holding Solution for Manufacturing Industries

    PanaVise has become the ultimate designer of precision vises, electronic circuit board holders, work holding tools, and mini arbor presses. With high-end industrial standards and quality electronic holders, PanaVise has enhanced heavy-duty industries and household units.

    Finding affordable and reliable holding solutions is necessary for every industry to ensure product safety and proper utilization of devices. Electronic devices and gadgets should be used and handled with ultimate care to expand products’ life and enhance operational capability. PanaVise supplies custom-designed holding tools that are necessary to improve workplace safety and protect the sensitive device from direct exposure to surroundings.

    Two people working inside a manufacturing unit

    Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash

    Quality-Enhanced Product Supplies from PanaVise

    Since 1956, PanaVise has stamped its footprint in the supply market to provide the electronic industry with standardized supplementary tools. Till now, it has maintained the brand value by supplying quality holding solutions that improve work efficiency.

    Here are some of the top-notch product supplies from PanaVise that provides every industry and households a hack to confirm maximum safety and utility of heavy-duty devices:

    1. Vises

     Image of a bench mount vise

    Image by bluebudgie from Pixabay 

    PanaVise supplies adjustable and easily controllable high-quality vises and work holding tools ideal for artworks, jewelry making, and precision-oriented engineering works. Also, the continuous heat-resistant property of Vises makes the holding solutions a perfect fit for heavy-duty works. 

    From low profile vises to wide open heavy-duty vises, PanaVise offers excellent bench mount and portable vises as per the industrial demand. Moreover, the vises and work holding tools are flexible to be positioned according to the comfort and work needs of the employees. The independent arms and adjustable knobs ensure easy movement and flexibility. 

    Panavise Standard Vise Head

    Here are some of the high-quality vises and work holding tools supplied from PanaVise. 

    2. Vacuum Vise Base

    PanaVise supplies excellent quality vises with a vacuum base that has high-end portability features. You can easily attach the Vacuum Vise Base to any flat or smooth surface. Setting up a mobile vise base is necessary if your work demands frequent movement.     


    Vacuum Vise Base from PanaVise

    3. Micrometer Vise Base

    Extra care should be taken while doing precision works on thin products without large surface area. Choosing the best vise base is necessary for thin objects to ensure work efficiency. In such critical cases, a micrometer vise base can come in handy if you want to entrust a firm grip on a thin component with a sensitive nature.     

    4. Rapid Assembly Circuit Board Holder

    While doing precision-oriented work on a circuit board, it is necessary to have a firm grip that helps workers to do quick rotation. Also, robust knob support is necessary to bring precision in soldering work . A circuit board holder helps to position the printed board on a firm base that securely allows you to insert force without tampering with the focus and precision.

    Hence, Rapid Assembly Circuit Board Holder from PanaVise is an ideal solution for the manufacturing industry to enhance the precision soldering works.

    Rapid Assembly Circuit Board Holder from PanaVise

    5. Bench Clamp

    A small bench clamp can provide you with critical security if used wisely. In manufacturing units, innovative holding solutions are necessary to prevent the sudden movement of the products while employees are working on them. A bench clamp is a handy solution that provides a temporary tight grip and allows the employees to insert heavy pressure while doing heavy-duty work. 

    Panavise Surface Mount Technology for Heavy-Duty Industries 

    A strong base or ground support is necessary for manufacturing units to ensure precision and efficiency in heavy-duty works. Even a small bench clamp plays a crucial role in large scale industries. Hence, choosing a customized surface mount holding tool is the primary-requisite to integrate a workplace.     

    Gokimco, the total package for electronics & industry, supplies quality-ensured PanaVise equipment to enhance the work environment and efficiency. Shop PanaVise products from the extensive brand collection at Gokimco and boost productivity. 
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