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    Get the Precision You Need with the Weller WES51

    There are many great soldering stations available that we carry. The one that you chose will depend on the brands that you like the best as well as the kind of work that you will be doing. The good news is that here at Kimco, we offer all of the different Weller brand soldering stations including the Weller WES51. This will allow you to have complete control whether you choose to use the analog model or you want to use the digital model. You will be able to enjoy accurate temperatures and a cool soldering stick no matter what. There are certain safety features that you will be able to enjoy whenever you have the WES51 solder station. There is an automatic shutoff feature which will protect the model in case there is a problem with the heat. You will also be able to keep your fingers safe by using the soft handle of the soldering stick. Additionally, the separate stand and sponge will help to make sure that you are always ready to work. When you buy the Weller WES51 solder station, you will able to take advantage of the different features like the automatic shut off which will deactivate power to the pencil after 99 minutes without use. This will not only help to protect you from wasting electricity. It will also help you to be able to protect from fire hazards. The unit even comes with a one year warranty from the Weller Company. The design and the features will help you to get more work done.
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