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    SKU D-65000


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    The Desco 65000 StatFree O Series ESD-Safe 3-Layer Vinyl Roll Matting provides reliable path to ground and eliminates static charge generation as a worksurface table mat, shelf liner, and cart liner.

    Desco 65000 Features:

    • Dissipative (1 x 106 < 1 x 109ohms Rtt) Abrasion Resistant Top Layer
    • Conductive (<104Rtt) Mesh Middle Layer Bottom Layer
    • Dissipative (1 x 106 < 1 x 109ohms Rtt) Cushioned Bottom Layer
    • Laser Engraved With ESD Protective Symbol, Specs, and Manufacturer
    • Lead-free RoHS compliant
    • Includes 14213 Ground Cord
    • Made in the United States of America

    Made in the USA