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    SKU D-66430


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    Introduction The purpose of an ESD worksurface is to aid in the prevention of damage to ESD sensitive components and assemblies from electrostatic discharge. An ESD worksurface provides protection in the following two ways:

    1. Providing an antistatic worksurface area that will limit static electricity generation.

    2. Removing the charge from a conductive object placed on the worksurface.

    A dissipative worksurface having a surface resistance of at least 1 x 106, but less than 1 x 109 ohms is recommended by worksurface standard ANSI/ESD S4.1. Dissipative materials minimize the generation of static charges, and will dissipate a charge slow enough so that a spark will not occur. Dissipative materials are usually the preferred choice for bench top worksurfaces. Conductive materials are the quickest to remove a charge, but they can also cause damage by discharging too rapidly. Conductive materials are usually used as floor mats, which is defined by ANSI/ESD S7.1 as less than 1 x 106 ohms


    Features of hte Desco 66430 Mat Top Kits:

    • Dissipative Dual Layer ESD Worksurface
      Provides a worksurface that does not generate a static charge and will control the discharge rate from all conductors (including ESD susceptible items) that are placed on the surface1.
    • NEW Nitrile Rubber Oil Resistant Compound
      Improved material compound limits oil absorption to improve electrical and physical properties through the lifespan of the material. May be used in soldering applications with flux and other chemicals.
    • Dissipative (1 x 106 to <1 x 109 ohms Rtt) Top Layer 
      Meets ANSI/ESD S20.20 worksurface required limit and recommendation of ANSI/ESD S4.1 for contact with ESD susceptible items.
    • Conductive (<1 x 106 Rtt) Bottom Layer 
      Reduces the resistance to ground (Rtg) from the top of the surface to the groundable point ground and allows the material to be used with ESD workstation monitors.
    • Stabilizes color retention, ensures ESD performance over time and eliminates surface layer deterioration resulting in cracking when the product is flexed.
    • Laser Engraved With ESD Protective Symbol, Specs, and Manufacturer Information2
      Identifies ESD protective product for control & auditing purposes.
    • Lead-free RoHS compliant
    • Made in the United States of America

      1. Worksurfaces mats must be properly grounded to remove ESD charges.
      2. Additional lot coding information is marked on the bottom (black conductive) side of the material.