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    SKU DR-T40W-1200-6


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    The Dr. Storage T40W-1200-6 Baking 40℃ Auto Dry Cabinet is a plug and play, fully auto dry cabinet which will be stable at 40℃ and <5%RH. It is especially designed for moisture sensitive SMD packages to comply with J-STD-033C.
    Baking 40℃ Auto Dry Cabinet with 4 main functions: Wider application in resetting the floor life: Moisture sensitivity SMD packages which are exposed to the air and exceed the floor life should be stored in the T40W for resetting the floor life. (see J-STD-033C table 4-1, 4-3.) For example: If MSD parts of MSD Level 4,5 and 5a are exposed for less than eight hours, they can be stored in a dry cabinet for resetting the floor life. However, if their exposure time is longer than eight hours, the SMD packages should be stored at 40℃ in a T40W to reset the floor life.
    Labor saving: SMD packages shipped in low-temperature carriers may not be baked in a traditional high-temperature oven with the temperature higher than 40℃, as it will cause deformation of the carriers. Storing in a T40W, operators do not need to remove the SMD package to thermally safer carriers. It saves labor cost and eliminates the chance of damaging the carriers.
    Embedded Alarm: The temperature or relative humidity of interior cabinet exceeds the preset value will activate the embedded alarm of buzz and flash in the control panel.
    Memo cards: Special "Slash Door" design to allow inserting the memo cards which can record the necessary storage information of MSD management.