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    Edsyn 952SX Loner Dual Temperature Controlled Soldering Station

    by Edsyn
    SKU EDS-952SX
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    This soldering station brings you the ability to have two different irons calibrated to suit specific needs on the same station. One iron is made to deal with normal soldering tasks while the second is made to take care of the heavy duty jobs. Placing both of these together allows you to condense two stations into one small compact package.

    Edsyn 952SX LONER Dual Temperature Controlled Soldering Station.

  • Accurate linear temperature control.
  • Easy to maintain and calibrate.
  • Modular assembly of parts for easy service.
  • Wide variety of soldering and SMT CROWN tips.
  • External calibration helps with ISO9000 compliance.
  • Offers both standard and heavy duty soldering.

  • Specifications:
  • Power Requirements: 120V, 60Hz.
  • Power Rating: 15W - 220W.
  • Heater Rating: 120V, 95W.
  • Temperature Range: 400°F - 800°F / 205°C - 427°C.
  • Temperature Regulation: ± 6°F / ± 3°C.
  • Tip to Ground Voltage Leakage/Resistance: < 2mV / < 2 ohms.
  • Overall Dimensions: 4.1"Wx8.2"Hx10"D / 104mm x 208mm x 254mm.