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    by Hakko
    SKU H-FR811-SET
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    The Hakko FR811-SET is a complete, economical SMD hot air rework system, including the HAKKO FR-811 hot air station, handpiece fixture, board holder and vision system.
    The HAKKO FR-811 can be transformed into a complete SMD rework system with these added accessories:

    • C5016 bottom heater, which integrates with and is fully controlled by the FR-811 allowing it to be incorporated into the various heating profiles set by the FR-811

    • C5027 board holder

    • C5029 handpiece fixture

    These added accessories add functionality and features that provide stabilization for accuracy when reworking small or difficult components. The C5027 board holder and C5029 hand piece fixture feature a "one-touch" slide adjustment for quick and easy adjustments, and knobs for fine x-y adjustments. For smaller components, the FR811-SET also includes the HAKKO Basic Vision Kit (PN: 999-267) that incorporates a Dino-Lite microscope camera for visual alignment (attachment bracket to the C5029 hand piece fixture included.)

    • New graphic interface display and navigation system that simplifies operation

    • Dual T/C inputs allow users to monitor part and board temperatures while controlling the ramp rate for a safe, accurate and repeatable process

    • Automatic mode gives users the ability to fully program profiles with up to 6 stages

    • Onboard storage of up to 50 profiles with an external USB port for flash drive memory for storage of profiles

    • A dedicated USB port can also be used to integrate the FR-811 with a PC using the included software

    • Integrated vacuum pickup with a visual indicator in the handpiece that indicates when the component has been completely reflowed

    • ESD-Safe

    • Nozzles are not included