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    by Hakko
    SKU h-FX600-05/P
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    The Hakko FX-600 is designed for soldering in electronics, and because of it's portability, it is an ideally suited for the hobbyist and electronics enthusiast that is looking for a high performing soldering iron at an affordable price.
    Whether soldering electrical wires, terminals, through-hole electronic components or (SMD) surface mount devices, the FX-600 is the tool of choice when you need to solder in electronics and you need mobility.
    The FX-600 uses the HAKKO T18 Series soldering iron tips, which are very popular for soldering in electronics because of their versatility and small size. A wide variety of tip shapes are available to meet your soldering needs.

    • 74 Watts, 120V

    • Temperature range from 200-500°C

    • Temperature Stability: +/-1°C at idle temperature

    • Tip to ground potential:Tip to ground resistance: <2Ω

    • Length (with B tip and without cord): 233mm / 9.5"

    • Includes T18-B Conical tip, Uses the T18 series tips