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    SKU IND-800514-600G


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    The Indium 800514 PB-Free SAC305 Solder Paste is an air reflow, no-clean solder paste specifically formulated to accommodate the higher processing temperatures required by the Sn/Ag/Cu, Sn/Ag, and other alloy systems favored by the electronics industry to replace conventional Pb- bearing solders. Indium8.9E offers unprecedented stencil print transfer efficiency to work in the broadest range of processes.

    Just the facts for Indium8.9E 800514 Solder Paste

    • High transfer efficiency through small apertures (≤ 0.66AR)

    • Eliminates graping phenomenon on small deposits

    • Low voiding in BGA/CSP solder joints

    • Keep Refrigerated - ships overnight

    Made in the USA

    Need more facts? Check below for our technical data sheet just in case.
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