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    by Kester
    SKU K-6400004662


    Satisfaction Guarantee

    IMPORTANT CONDITION CONCERNING THIS PRODUCT: This product CAN NOT be shipped to a home address! If you place an order attempting to have this shipped to a home address, we will cancel and refund your order LESS the credit card processing fee.

    The Kester 4662 Water Soluble Flux Thinner provides better fluxing abilities and wider processing windows than traditional rosin fluxes..

    Kester 63-0000-4662 Features:

    • Water-soluble flux residue are designed to be removed with either in-line or batch hot-water cleaning processes
    • Used for 2331-ZX, 2235, and 2224-25 water-soluble fluxes

    ester SDS for 4662 Flux Thinner

    Kester TDS for 4662 Flux Thinner