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    SKU L-135442


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    The Loctite® 135442 Super Bonder® 409™ Gel is a general purpose cyanoacrylate adhesive gel.

    LOCTITE® 409 is a transparent, colorless, ethyl-based instant gel adhesive suitable for plastics and polyolefins in combination with Primer LOCTITE® SF 770 or LOCTITE® SF 7239. It is also suitable for rubbers and metals and has a fixture time of 20 - 60 secs.

    Loctite 135442 Features:
    • Prevents adhesive flow even on vertical surfaces
    • Bonds glass, plastic, wood and rubber
    • Tensile shear strength between 2,750 and 3,600 psi
    • 20 gram tube
    • Formerly part number 40945

    Loctite TDS for 409