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    SKU LUX-KFL026022


    Satisfaction Guarantee

    The Luxo KFL026022 KFM LED 3 Diopter Edge Clamp 45" Arm Magnifier is ideal for any inspection or assembly applications. It features a self-balancing shade that allows the lamp head to be secured in any position.

    Just the facts for KFL026022

    • Formerly 18113LG

    • Dimmable 9W LED light source produces 2500 lux at 12" working distance

    • Automatic shut-off feature for energy savings

    • 3 diopter (1.75X) optical quality glass lens

    • Fully enclosed neck assembly with 45" reach heavy-duty internal spring arm

    • No knobs to tighten or adjust

    • 5 year warranty

    • Light Grey

    • Suggested replacement for the LUX-KFK025818 and the LUX_KFL026023