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    Simco-Ion 91-6422E-AC-02 Point of Use Ionizer with Auto Clean and Bracket

    SKU SIMCO-91-6422EAC02


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    The Simco-Ion 92-6422E-AC-US Fast Discharge Self-balancing Compact Local Area Ionizing Blower is the most efficient small blower of its kind for controlling static discharge in hard-to-reach areas. In the tight confines of process tools, ionization must be easy and cost-effective, but carry the same level of sophistication found in larger ionizers. The Model 6422e meets the challenge of cost and features that your process demands by delivering worry-free ionization.

    Simco-Ion 92-6422E-AC-US Features:

      • Includes: Auto Clean & Bracket
      • Reduces maintenance time, lengthens the life of emitter points and assures balanced performance
      • Brush mechanism sweeps emitter points when blower is turned off and on
      • During operation, the brush retracts to reduce wear
      • We recommend activating the cleaning system at least once a week depending on your environment