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    What goes into a Cleanroom? What types of classifications are there?

    03-03-2012-09Working in a Cleanroom has many advantages to those working on electrical devices. You will not have to worry about things like dust or other particles contaminating your devices especially when investing in cleanroom supplies. By knowing the different classifications, you will be able to get the kind of protection you will need for the work you are doing. Classifications are dependent on the number and size of particles in the air. While you might think that the best Cleanroom is the kind with no particles in the air, but this is simply not possible. Simply by having a human element or moving parts of any kind will cause particles to enter the air. FED-STD-209E This kind of room has particles on the order of 0.5 µm. To get this kind of room, you will need to make sure that you are using products including the right benches and workstations, and even the right apparel. Wipes come in handy when trying to maintain this kind of environment. You will also need to use air purifiers so that you will be able to minimize particles in the air as well as making sure that all fumes are removed. ISO 14644-1 This kind of classification requires particles which are 0.1 µm or larger. Using contamination control mats will help in minimizing the effect that contaminants will have on the devices you are working on. Good cleanroom carts and shelving are perfect in this kind of environment. ISO 9 This is a normal room in which most devices will have to operate in. These are not technically classified as cleanrooms, but they should be taken into consideration when creating devices as they will have to be sealed in order to provide safety from these kinds of rooms. The right safety will help in providing more for the people using the devices.
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