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    Top JnJ Stencil Blades Give Wide Range of Application for Every Instance

    When it comes to industrial sized cleaning projects there are no substitutes for the JnJ stencil blades to do things right. These blades are of the highest quality and are built to different specifications to handle several different sizes of squeegees. Here at Kimco we know that not all cleaning tasks are the same. There are moments when you will need a different size squeegee depending on the type of area and size of workspace. These stencil blades come in varying sizes to help out with every type of cleaning project needed. We carry a complete line from 12 inch to 21 inch. JnJ stencil blades are also made of high quality material. Every JnJ blade start with a base of stainless steel and are plated with their proprietary Electrolyzed plating finish. This not only brings a high level of strength, but also durability for a long period of use. Besides the steel blades there is also a line of angled steel holders for polyurethane blades. Again, it is important to have the right tool for every instance. These different types of stencil blades, angled blade holders, and screw mount flat metal blade holders will give you the range of tools you need for every instance.
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