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    Move and Place Items with the PACE PV-65 7027-0001-P1 Component Handling Wand with Finger Actuated Release

    Moving small items can be extremely difficult without the right tool. Not only will you have difficulty getting into small places, you will have to worry about static electricity. Using a good tool like the Pace PV-65 can help you to put the right components exactly where they belong without having to worry about touching anything in the wrong way. You will be able to find this tool along with everything else you need for your business whenever you visit us at Kimco. Here, you will be able to find the PACE PV-65 7027-0001-P1 along with other tools to help you to get the job done. This precise tool helps you to easily pick up small components and put them where they belong quickly, easily and safely. The finger actuated release makes sure that you will not drop components on accident. Maintain a grip until the components is exactly where you want it to be and you will find it is easier to get done fast. Pick-up is just as easy to accomplish as placement is when using this handy device. You can order the Pace PV-65 whenever you are visiting our Kimco catalog online. The catalog has been set up to be easy to navigate and simple to find what you are looking for, including Pace soldering tips. Choose this item or others like it to make your work easier to accomplish. We maintain stock on all of our items to make sure you will be able to get the products you are looking for when you need them with stock on Pace desoldering tips and more. You will find quality products at affordable prices as you browse through our catalog. We look forward to filling your order as soon as possible.
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