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    Speedy Solder Removal with the Pace SX-90 6010-0149P1 IntelliHeat Desoldering Iron

    Removing soldering does not have to be a difficult process whenever you have the right tools. Whether you are trying to correct a mistake or rebuild a part, you could use a reliable tool like the Pace SX-90  to get the job done faster. Simply use the tool to grab onto the soldering and you will be able to instantly and cleanly remove the soldering to start working again on the materials. You can find this tool and others like it when you visit us at Kimco. The great benefit of using the Pace SX-90 6010-0149P1 IntelliHeat Desoldering Iron is that it has a great collection chamber which can easily be disposed of. The ability to remove the cast off allows you to increase productivity and decrease the amount of waste and mess on your work station. If you prefer not to toss the chamber, you can use a glass chamber instead. Simply clean the chamber in between uses and you will be able to keep your desoldering iron working like brand new even longer. Kimco also offers a multitude of maintenance tools to increase the longevity of your iron.This is a great iron which is suitable for working in high volume operations.   The Pace SX-90 is just one of the many great tools you will discover whenever you are visiting us at Kimco. Our easy to navigate catalog will help you to find everything you are looking for to have a better operation and to complete more work. We will be able to ship your order out just as soon as you place it. This is because we keep most of the items in our catalog in stock at all times. We will get to work right away to make sure that you get your new desoldering iron as fast as possible. We look forward to receiving your order.
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