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    Featured Product - Brady Portable Labeling System BMP51 & BMP53


    [caption id="attachment_1908" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Brady BMP51 Label Maker"][/caption]  

    The Brady BMP51 Labeler and BMP53 Labeler are two handheld labelers that print on blank labels. Because they print on blank labels and are small, labeling virtually anything with them is quick and easy. This is why the Brady BMP51 Portable Industrial Label Printer and the Brady BMP53 Peripheral Label Printer are two of Kimco Distributing’s most popular labelers. Below are some of the features they share, and then a breakdown of the differences between them.

    Features of the Brady BMP51 and BMP53 Labelers

    Both the Brady BMP51 and BMP53 labelers are easy to use and small enough to conveniently be stored in a handy location without taking up too much space. From the same series of Brady printers, they have many features in common. They both:

    • Print labels up to 1.5 in. wide
    • Print on die-cut and continuous materials at 1 in./sec.
    • Print at 300 dpi
    • Are portable
    • Have a built-in cutter that both cuts the label and holds it, until it is needed
    • Can be connected to a PC through a USB connection
    • Are compatible with LabelMark software
    [caption id="attachment_1909" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Brady BMP53 Label Printer"][/caption]

    Comparing the Brady BMP51 and BMP53 Labelers

    The first difference people notice when their comparing these two labelers at Kimco Distributing is the price. The Brady BMP53 labeler costs slightly less than the BMP 51. Therefore, if the BMP53 is able to do everything a business needs, then it is the logical choice.

    The BMP51 printer, however, offers three features that the BMP53 lacks.

    • The BMP51 is also compatible with CodeSoft Software, another label-making program
    • The BMP51 is wireless, so labels can be designed and printed from a workstation easily
    • The BMP51 has a large display screen, which lets users see the label before printing it

    Kimco Distributing carries both the BMP51 and BMP53 from Bray, because they are excellent, reliable label printers. Either will print labels. When deciding between the two, the choice generally comes down to convenience. The BMP51 is easier to work with, since it is WiFi-compatible and has a large display screen. The BMP53, however, will also get the job done.

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