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    When Manufacturing or Repairing Printed Circuit Boards Quality Soldering Tips are The Difference

    Metcal_Soldering Tips Metcal soldering tips are the soldering tips of choice when working on assembly and repair of printed circuit boards. The broad selection of Metcal tips also makes them a favorite of professional journeyman who solder in the field such as electricians as well as hobbyists. Metcal tips are available in a variety of sizes so there is a Metcal soldering tip that is a correct fit for your job. Without the correct size tip, a good solder is not possible. In addition to a range of sizes, Metcal soldering tips are available with tip geometry that covers virtually any need. The right size and the right shape help to make joints strong and durable. Metcal tips also operate at the lowest possible operating temperature - frequently about as hot as a household iron. The eDirect technology built into Metcal soldering tips allows the user to solder using low temperatures on heavy loads by concentrating the energy (heat) at the load. Low temperature soldering is the preferred methodology as it lessens the dangers to the printed circuit board or any other item you are soldering. Using low temperatures reduces the pile on your scrap heap. Changing the temperature cartridge allows you to raise the temperature you solder at, but the makers of Metcal tips urge this be done only as a last resort. Another great feature of the Metcal Soldering Tips is that the tips are designed to connect to the hand piece by just pushing them on until they click. There are no clips or other fasteners so your field of view to the soldering area is unobstructed. Metcal tips come with a rubber mat to use for holding the tip while connecting it. This keeps them from getting scratched - accordingly no metal tools should be used when attaching them. The assembly process is simple, quick, and reliable. Metcal soldering tips are terrific tools for hand soldering. They are well engineered and provide:
    • Constant temperature
    • Easy connection to hand tools
    • Size and shapes for every need in making and repairing printed circuit papers
    In addition they are affordably priced and lower scrap losses.. Contact KIMCO today for more information about Metcal soldering tips; call us at (800) 521-9197.  
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