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    Affordable Quality with the PACE ST 30 8007-0499 ESD-Safe Analog IntelliHeat Soldering Station with TD-100 Iron

    Soldering is a necessary job for many manufacturers and private hobbyists. The ability to solder well means getting a proper tool like the Pace ST 30. This economic alternative has features which allow you to enjoy safety and reliability from one of the best known names in soldering equipment. You can get started using the tool right away when you receive it. This allows you to get everything you need to get more done. You can order yours today when you visit us at Kimco. The PACE ST 30 8007-0499 is a cost effective way to get the quality you are looking for in a soldering iron. Featuring the TD-100 hand piece, you will be able to take the guesswork out of the soldering you are completing. No more worrying about calibrations or maintenance issues whenever you are using the Paces ST 30. Simply turn the analog dial to the temperature you want to use and you can start working right away. The power supply allows you to use four different kinds of hand pieces. This is an ESD safe piece of equipment you can use no matter what kind of soldering you are doing. You can order your Pace ST 30 soldering station whenever you visit our catalog at Kimco. While you are there, you can look through all of the rest of the items we have available. Everything from sponges for tip and tool stands to the desoldering equipment you will need in case you need to make changes in the work you are doing. We work hard to make sure that you are getting the latest products shipped to you as soon as you order them. We do this by maintaining a warehouse with everything in our catalog available. We anticipate filling your order right away.
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