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    Complete Every Soldering Job with Weller WX1010 ESD-Safe High Powered Digital Soldering Station

    Innovation and attention to details is what makes Weller a great brand name when it comes to soldering accessories and tools. The Weller WX1010 soldering station is another leap forward in how they partner with industry to provide better tools to produce better quality products. This is important when doing any type of mass assembly or simply repairing your own items in your garage or basement workshop. The Weller WX line of soldering stations are new and contain some of the most state of the art technology that has been seen in soldering tools. The WX1010 includes XTB tip and WDH10 Iron Stand, WXP120 Pencil, has 200 watts and a large graphic LCD display can be viewed from all angles. This LCD screen includes capacitive touch technology so that you can configure the temperature. This device also offers versatile connectivity options - preheaters and fume extraction systems, multi-purpose USB port for parameter configuration and data logging, and is completely ESD-Safe to protect sensitive components. The temperature range for the Weller soldering stations varies among each different product, but the WX1010 can reach up to 850 F for those super duty soldering jobs. With the WX1010 anyone can now perform delicate soldering projects on circuits, diodes, and motherboards with ease and confidence. The WX1010 is also currently on sale with a promotional rebate from Weller. Check out the extensive lineup of Weller stations at the Kimco website. There you will find several models to choose from all at great prices. We ship out constantly to maintain a fast shipping time and our customer service is top rated.
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