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    Complete Large Soldering Projects Easily with Weller WX2020 ESD Safe Soldering Station

    Many soldering projects are those simple tasks that require the use of one steady hand and a good soldering iron. Then there are those complex projects which require more than one hand, and a robust soldering station. The Weller WX2020 ESD-Safe Soldering Station is the key to when you just need more. A variation of the heat gun, or soldering iron, is the soldering station. This is where the soldering instrument is attached to a variable power supply. A soldering station can precisely control the temperature of the soldering tip unlike a standard gun or iron where the tip temperature will increase when idle and decrease when applying heat to a joint. For many people a soldering station may seem like overkill, but if you plan to do very precise work, such as surface mount, or spend 8 hours a day behind a soldering iron, then you should consider a this type of Weller tool. The WX2020 is a robust, high powered station that comes complete with 2 WXP120 Pencilshave soldering pencils. You can plug both of them in, regulate the temperature of each, and commence to soldering. This kit also includes (2) XTB tips and (2) WDH10 Iron Stands. The LCD display houses a capacitive touch screen that is resistant to both chemicals and high heat. When doing any large project, or precise soldering, look to the Weller WX2020 at Kimco. Right now, this unit is on sale and comes with a promotional rebate for a free soldering accessory. Check the Kimco site today for how you can have this great unit within a few days. Our prices are always guaranteed to be low and our shipping is extra fast!
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